Ted Cruz or Donald Trump? Let Jimmy Carter be your guide!

A lot of good people, including many friends of mine signed up to support Donald Trump for POTUS. That was understandable when Trump was saying great things about illegal immigration and the media was telling us Ted Cruz couldn’t win.

Now its very clear that Cruz can, and most probably will win, and Donald Trump has revealed himself as more “progressive” than principled.

In my view, restoring the US Constitution would solve the bulk of America’s social, economic and political problems in one fell swoop.

Ted Cruz memorized the entire Constitution at age 14. He has fought several important court battles to preserve it. Senator Cruz lives, eats and breathes the Constitution.

How many times have you ever heard Donald Trump even mention it?

But if you’re still in doubt, America’s second worst ever President should settle the question.

Jimmy Carter prefers Donald Trump… need any more be said?


Author: Trevor

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21 thoughts on “Ted Cruz or Donald Trump? Let Jimmy Carter be your guide!

  1. I don’t think you give Cruz nearly enough credit Richard. I think you’ll see Cruz appeal to way beyond the Iowa evangelical base. Cruz has great organization in many states, and good teams in all 50. Way better than any other GOPer. That speaks to me of commitment and leadership qualities.

    Cruz didnt play the “faith” card in Iowa. He plays it everywhere..because he actually believes it. It is Rubio and Trump who have cynically played that card.

    Re the natural born issue I’ve read up on the issue extensively..I think he’s perfectly OK, as does the majority of legal opinion in this country.

    He is certainly qualified by the existing law as it stands (whether or not it is constitutional you may disagree) and has been given the OK to stand by at least two state election boards, including Illinois which stated the matter “needs no further discussion” .

    1. Fielding effective campaign organizations around the nation is a function of money and hiring professionals. Anyone who has sufficient funds is going to opt for efficient local organizations and that is hardly the mark of above-average leadership. Cruz did show exceptional leadership in swimming against the tide in the Senate but has clearly played catch up after Trump hit the immigration issue hard. None of the other candidates, including Cruz, would breathe a word about the “I” word had it not been for Trump.

      I don’t know what Trump and Rubio said on the matter of their faith. I seem to recall that Rubio got a little heavy handed on his faith but could be wrong. To say that I am indifferent to him is an understatement. Cruz did seem to pull out the stops just before the Iowa vote. I think he laid it on pretty thick and, as Dymphna observed, what sells in Iowa don’t necessarily sell in the rest of the country. More’s the pity but if heavily emphasizing his faith doesn’t appeal to some, it will be a matter of indifference to a lot of secularists. Tactical error.

      Forgive me if I say that I am jaundiced on the matter of “the majority of legal opinion in this country.” That same majority knows full well that the Commerce Clause was long ago perverted by a dishonest Supreme Court, that Roe v. Wade was an example of raw, unconstitutional law giving by the Court, that NFIB v. Sebelius was a joke, that federal agencies legislate unconstitutionally, that our undeclared war against Syria is unconstitutional, and that there is no authority in the Constitution for the Dept. of Education, the EPA, HUD, and, inter alia, HHS. The lawyers of this country are firmly committed to legal expediency and are, in the battle to defend and restore the Constitution, useless cowards. Hate speech laws and sundry attacks on the very simple concept of free speech are met with the silence of the grave from the 50 state bar associations and the nations law schools.

  2. Ahem says

    We can go back to arguing about conservative vs. leftist principles after we get our country back; otherwise it’s marxists all the way down, and we know where that leads.

    Ahem, its only conservative principles THAT CAN get the country back. Anything else will make matters worse.

    Only a principled conservative can identify the problems and solutions correctly. and if you cant diagnose accurately you cannot cure.

    We need a Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan on steroids. We do not need another unprincipled deal maker,

  3. The words used by Carter, especially “malleable” is exactly why the Republican voters are so angry. We don’t want a “malleable” candidate. Up until recently, Trump has somehow masterfully steered clear of such descriptors, though being very true. The cat is out of the bag, unwittingly loosed by Carter. Wouldn’t it be so ironic if this is the one thing that does Trump in? I mean, to date, Trump’s nonconformity has evoked many predictions of his political death. Up until now, I have always disagreed, for one reason or another. On this one, I don’t think this is survivable. Who possibly worse could have [seriously] endorsed him? Even if Bill Clinton endorsed Trump, it would not have had the same deleterious effect, because speculation would have understood some kind of backroom deal. But, with Carter, there’s no way a backroom deal was made, Carter doesn’t have enough money or influence. This was a honest endorsement and the kiss of death.

  4. As Barack Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Donald Trump is a disciple of Norman Vincent Peale. We hear Trump in his stump speeches & in interviews mention the title of Peale’s book, Power of Positive Thinking (1952). It contains a self hypnosis practical theology which has been debunked by psychologists and religious alike. In fact, psychiatrists treating patients who have engaged in Peale’s self hypnosis techniques consistently had to treat an aggression condition caused by Peale’s teachings.

    Peale’s mentor was Ernest Holmes. In Holmes book, Creative Mind and Success (1919), there is a chapter entitled The Power of Words. Peale plagiarized Holmes self help formula applying it in The Power of Positive Thinking. The film, The Art of Living (1965), was inspired by Peale. Trump continued the Holmes-Peale self-hypnosis technique in his ‘The Art of …’ series of books.

    Holmes, Peale and Trump’s practical theology always has catered to the rich and famous. This can be seen in Trump’s business model. The notion Trump is the savior businessman who will “Make America Great Again” is an exceedingly dangerous proposition. By definition, Donald Trump is a TACO:
    T – Trump
    A – Autocrat
    C – Corporatist
    O – Oligarch

    Trump takes pride in using both bankruptcy laws (four times) and bribing politicians (through contributions) to his advantage. The only time Trump’s privately held corporations went public, Trump Casinos and Resorts stock crashed and burned after ten years returning to investors only ten cents on the dollar. He is part of the utra-elite. How else, following his second bankruptcy, could the Securities and Exchange Commission permit his Casinos and Resorts IPO to go public? Dylan Ratigan points out the bulk of Trump’s wealth is in valueless branding which is why Forbes and others who have analyzed Trump’s wealth state he is worth much less than what Trump claims.

    Mitt Romney was rich, but to elect adulterous billion dollar Brady Bunch Donald Trump with five children and three wives into the White House with his business track record would be the height of irresponsibility and ultimately more perilous then Barack Obama. And that is taking into consideration Harrah’s Atlantic City endured as Trump’s casinos failed, plus the fact that coming out of four bankruptcies Trump used his production company to create false credibility using a reality TV show to propel his run for the presidency.

    Trump has no political ideology. He has an aggressive self centered practical theology. Is there any wonder he has been compared to Woodrow Wilson. Trump has nothing in common with Ronald Reagan. The best GOP 2016 ticket is Heritage Foundation score card 100% conservative and constitutional conservative Ted Cruz with John Kasich who is the only candidate with the practical experience to tackle the $19 Trillion national debt.

    1. I like your post…I’m going to do some research into Peale. I remember the name from the 60’s/70’s, and the title of the book, but I never read it. I have friends who are very Conservative who are leaning toward Donald, and they are reasonable people who don’t seem to listen to reason anymore. It’s very confusing, but this post was very enlightening. Thanks

  5. Stop buying this cheating crap ahem..Nobody else does. Carso actually got MORE votes than polling indicated. Cruz won Iowa for two reasons..a much better ground game and he is a much better candidate.

    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree, Trevor. I also like Cruz, and will gladly vote for him if he is the candidate–he is a genuine conservative—but I don’t think he has the ability to do what needs to be done by a president at this point in history. These are exceptional times, and America is on the verge of disappearing forever.

      I think Cruz would make an incredible Attorney General, and he’d put us well back on the road to rule by Constitutional law—that is where he’s most needed. Cruz is the very man who should lead the battle to restore America’s legal system. It might even inspire other western governments to follow suit.

      The Jews of 2,000 years ago believed that the Messiah would manifest as a powerful soldier/king to lead them to victory. When he appeared in the form of a humble carpenter, they were unable to recognize him.

    2. A good local organization is something independent of the virtues of any candidate. It’s wise for a candidate to focus on Iowa and create a good organization because it looks good for someone to win the first primary. I’ll bet a disproportionate amount of money is spent for this purpose in Iowa by all candidates following this strategy and it’s likely that that rate of spending is not sustainable in all the other contests.

      Cruz played the Christian faith card in Iowa and appears to have successfully appealed to Iowa evangelicals. This too is not section of the electorate that exists in other states.

      Cruz may have memorized the Constitution at an early age and I love that he did. However, if he’s that ardent of a constitutionalist why is he running for president if he’s not a natural born citizen? We paid dearly for our indifference to this point with Obama so I’m not at all pleased to see TWO Republican competing now who are ALSO not natural born citizens. Expediency, as Steve Deace has correctly observed, is ALWAYS the wrong choice.

      1. Spot-on analysis. My concern re Cruz is his overt proselytizing (putting aside the media’s illiteracy re Christianity for the moment).

        When he said,

        “If we awaken and energize the body of Christ– if Christians and people of faith come out and vote our values– we will win and we will turn the country around”

        he lost me. This country, like it or not, is aggressively secular and *likely* voters will turn away in droves when the Democrat opponent skewers him over and over again through what could be an even uglier campaign than most. Jornolists will back him into corners, talking heads will pontificate endlessly. He’ll be accused of attempting to install a theocracy.

        I can hear the sound bites now.

        I am reluctant to use my limited energy stumping for someone who is that naive. Why, oh why, in heaven’s name did Cruz bury himself alive?? Unless he gets his own personal, live-on-TV Resurrection, complete with clouds breaking open and the voice of God anointing him, Cruz is toast once he leaves the confines of Iowa.

        It’s very sad.

  6. Because the Cruz campaign cheated and Trump came in a close 2nd by 6,000-odd votes which were stolen from Carson, you’re going to write off Trump? I assure you that reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated. He’s going to be the next president.

    1. A former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, a man who wrecked the country almost to where it is now, can call Trump “malleable” and say that Trump “has no fixed views at all,” and you do not bat an eye.

      Carter says Cruz has a record for standing for his convictions and Trump is “malleable” and you focus on a moronic issue (that is completely debunked) while completely dismissing Trevor’s concern about restoring the Constitution.

      What an admirable troll you are! And a wonderful representative of the socialists to boot!

      1. Clue: I’m not a troll, and I’m most certainly not a socialist. Personally, I would like to set back the clock 8 years and recover my personal freedom, our relatively peaceful and free society, and the lives of all who have died around the world because of the head-sick, evil, neo-communist Obama.

        I would also consider cutting off the hand that voted Obama into office as Illinois senator. True. At that time, I was just as deceived as the rest by his glorious, bullsh#t, speech in 2004. He should have received an Oscar for his performance. Voting for him once was the worst mistake of my
        life, and I can never recompense my nieces and nephews for what will surely be a dangerous and impoverished future. Fortunately, I soon wised up; I was one of the first to identify him as a Marxist, and I have been proclaiming it to all who would listen ever since.

        And I despise Carter.

        That said, I think what Carter means to convey–doddering lamebrain that he is—is that Trump can get disparate parties to come to agreement, which is a rare gift. Inflexibility in political goals is where totalitarianism begins. Trump makes deals, and there is never a successful deal unless all parties both get and give in equal measure. That’s the way American politics used to work.

        Trump is a pragmatist, and that is what we need right now–not someone who passes some political
        litmus test but can’t get Americans to work together on the basis of shared values. We already have that. America needs someone with popular appeal to get people pulling on the same rope at the same time, so we can get our country back on its feet.

        In many respects, Trump more nearly resembles an old-fashioned JFK Democrat. He’s patriotic and he loves our country. I think he’s capable of improving our situation on the basis of shared concerns and interests because there are a lot of Democrats out there who aren’t leftists, and a lot of Republicans who aren’t invariably conservative. That is where our hope lies, and that is where Trump excels.

        We can go back to arguing about conservative vs. leftist principles after we get our country back; otherwise it’s marxists all the way down, and we know where that leads.

        1. Ahem, Since you voted for Obama (once), an unpardonable sin, there is no penance sufficient to restore you to the conservative fold -ever.

          1. Ahem, Since you voted for Obama (once), an unpardonable sin, there is no penance sufficient to restore you to the conservative fold -ever.

            Seriously?? I believe the compassionate response would be “go and sin no more”…

            That is one of the scariest sentences I’ve ever seen in a comment thread. I pray you’re not in charge of any child’s moral development…

        2. “That said, I think what Carter means to convey–doddering lamebrain that he is—is that Trump can get disparate parties to come to agreement, which is a rare gift. Inflexibility in political goals is where totalitarianism begins.”

          “Compromise” – such a nice word for selling out your principles. This is what RINOs do. THIS is why America is in this position.

        3. Ah yes, “ahem,” you hearken back to the days of “hope and change” where a majority of fools in the USA once believed that some other douchebag could “make America great again.”

          Stop looking at potential leaders of the free world as SAVIORS of your life.

          Instead, try asking yourself, “who is the most qualified to appoint the next 3 or 4 United States Supreme Court justices to the bench?”

          (Honestly, I think that if you knew what Obama was about prior to voting for him 8 years ago, you should be automatically disqualified from ever voting again in another election – city/county/state/federal – within our borders. You’ve already proven yourself unqualified to make such a decision.

          Hope & Change = Make America Great Again.

          Can’t you see?

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