6 thoughts on “Hizbullah Member of Parliament : “Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Hizbullah Will Wipe Out Israel”

  1. America’s support of Israel is the reason the entire Arab and Muslim world have turned on us and we were attacked on 9/11. Israel is a big boy, let it fight its own battles. We have enough problems here at home to attend to without getting involved in other region’s battles. Zionists and American Jews have suckered us into this conflict. Obviously Israel is of more importance to them than America.

  2. Folks if you’re not storing up on food, water, battle weapons and huge amounts of ammunition, you might want to get started.

    The S is about to HTF — WORLDWIDE!

  3. The Arabs, Muslims specifically, don’t even acknowledge Israel–this is a fact, not conjecture. Aljazeera has an interactive map where you can see what the news is around the Middle East. Israel isn’t listed, or rather it just says Palestine. They have Bahrain and Djibouti, though. I don’t have any attachment to Israel, but they have a right to exist.

  4. Pray for Israel. Pray for the US.

    Stand with Israel.

    Wish I had the money to be in Jerusalem later this month.

    There is horror in this clip, but there is clarity, too. No obfuscation. No lies. They want to destroy — pulverize — Israel.

    Pray for Israel.

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