“4,000 Students Can Block a Highway, 4,000 Workers Can Bring the Country To a Halt”

The British Socialist Workers Party has been heavily involved in recent student and mass protests in London and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Mark Bergfeld

S.W.P. cadre have also worked closely with Egyptian revolutionaries for the last several years.

German born Mark Bergfeld is a member of the S.W.P., currently serving on the executive of Britain’s National Union of Students. If things go according to plan, within a few days he will be the new N.U.S.president.

Two clips form 2010, show that this might not be a good thing for Britain.

“This is only the beginning of the end”.


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7 thoughts on ““4,000 Students Can Block a Highway, 4,000 Workers Can Bring the Country To a Halt”

  1. get between me and my food and i will kill them.in the US our home grown commies with the help of president bongo are trying to bring riots and unrest on we working americans.he forgets who we are he thinks this will work against 150,00,000 gun owners.these commie boys are delusional, do you know what we say to these traitors,we answer them with lead.we do not care if we are killed up holding our republic.what do you think will happen if we kill enough of them?

  2. It amazes me that these self-righteous commie twits can’t see the sheer selfishness in trying to “bring a country to a halt”. They have no concern for the people and families who would suffer from that kind of chaos, and all over what they percieve as their right to a free education.

  3. Yes, and how large are shipping trucks? And how long would it take said truck to come to a halt before 4,000 students scatter?

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