#SCPrimary: Trey Gowdy misleads in anti-Cruz robo-call

Trump and Rubio speak during commercial break at GOP Debate via statesman.com
Trump and Rubio speak during commercial break at GOP Debate via statesman.com

Since when do allegations count as fact? Yet that is exactly what is happening in the mainstream media with the relentless attacks on Ted Cruz.

The latest is concerning a “push poll” that allegedly came from the Cruz camp, as reported at the Washington Post. The charge is that Remington Research, a consulting firm started by Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, is behind telephone polls that bash Trump and Rubio.

But Chris Wilson, Cruz’s director of research denied that the campaign is engaged in any robo-polls in South Carolina. And after the story broke, resulting in Trump freaking out on Twitter, Politico reported that Ted Cruz told reporters, “[W]e had nothing to do with them….” and additionally, Brian Phillips, the Cruz team’s rapid-response director tweeted:

In response to the controversy as reported at Time, Trey Gowdy is now featured in a robo-call on behalf of Marco Rubio, saying ironically that he has devoted his life to “the truth” yet uses the WaPo story to point the finger at Cruz when the evidence of his campaign’s involvement is not confirmed.

“…The truth actually matters to me,” Gowdy says during the robocall. He continues, “…Sadly, the Washington Post discovered these calls have been linked to the Cruz campaign. The truth is Marco Rubio is a rock-solid conservative. He’s a committed Christian who will protect all life, defend traditional marriage, cut spending and enforce our immigration laws.”

The Washington Post story did not prove that Cruz’s campaign was involved, but Trey Gowdy, who is dedicated to the truth, evidently believes that accusations count as fact.

This author challenges everyone to consider the facts very carefully and to audit these relentless accusations against the one candidate that is currently standing in the way of his fellow candidates, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.


Author: renee nal

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7 thoughts on “#SCPrimary: Trey Gowdy misleads in anti-Cruz robo-call

  1. You know, I always wondered what would Mitch McConnell get back for giveing the Benghazi hearing to Trey Gowdy. I guess now we know.

  2. I will tell you whats going on. Believe me or not. Its a fact. Take it to the bank.

    The establishment has made a deal with Trump, they will help destroy Cruz, and Rubio will be Trump’s running mate. (Although the GOP would go back on it if Rubio could win, which he cant)

    Watch the coordinated slander between Trump and Rubio against Cruz, and notice how they leave each other alone.

    Cruz is a threat to the status quo, and after Iowa, the beltway cartel has gone all out to destroy him.

    Any ticket with Trump will lose badly, and any ticket with Rubio will mean amnesty, socialism, and aristocracy rule.

    Cruz is the only defender of the Constitution, and the Washington elite will not allow him to win….and will use any means necessary to stop him.

    We had the chance to save the country and we are going to throw it away.

    Its disgusting.

    The GOP is selling you out….again.

  3. Trey Gowdy said, “Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust. ”Trey, do you even know what Conservative means? Ted Cruz is a TRUE Conservative and the best candidate running for office. Rubio, on the other hand, is a baby face lying SELLOUT and was/is the face of Amnesty. Here are reasons why not to support Marco Rubio for the Republican candidate for president: On 9/17/15 Marco Rubio was on the Sean Hannity radio show and still supports amnesty for the illegal immigrants in this country. The black lives matter or should they be called black lies, are agitators, being supported by George Soros and his ilk, and now Marco Rubio. Rubio also supports letting in the Syrian migrants/refugees stating that is who we are as a country. He did say they need to be vetted and said it would be difficult to do, because you could not contact the Syrian government to find out about them. What? The Arab Nations should handle the problem. The U.S. should not be taking in any refugees from Syria, because it is more likely than not some of them would be terrorists. It would be an invasion. Now, Rubio has a billionaire supporter who supports Amnesty and will become his puppet. Anyone who supports Amnesty or letting the Muslim “migrants” come into this country should be eliminated from the presidential race. The people need to WAKE up! BTW Trey, what if anything are you going to do about the many Federal law violations Killary Clinton has committed? Why are you not demanding AG Loretta Lynch do her job and prosecute her?

  4. Trump and Rubio are both such egomaniacs, who are used to creating their own reality, and having people around them who take anything they say as the gospel truth, they don’t know how to react to being called out on their lies. Trump and Rubio are very unfamiliar with the truth or the expectation to be truthful. They don’t know how to react other than to say, “Liar!” Only problem is they are confused as to who the actual liar is. Shame on the media for not calling a lie a lie and providing both of them, Rubio and Trump, a free public platform to lie. It would be simple enough to show the facts. The record is there, public information. There is nowhere to hide. The media is keeping the truth from being shated.

    1. I agree that anyone can scream liar! I went back and checked the video’s and everything Cruz said was on video by the Candidates. Plan Parent Hood Trump said he would keep funding on Sean Hannity not that long ago. Rubio just went along with Trump but he is for amnesty and Ted added language “poison pill” to kill the bill according to Harry Reid. Bottom line is just cause you say liar, liar doesn’t mean a thing. I guess to those who don’t do homework and a lazy media who don’t keep them honest it gets confusing. Buyer beware! If those who scream liar and don’t present facts then they are the liars by default!

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