Congratulations to President-Elect Trump and his supporters

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump and his millions of supporters, for your fantastic victory at the polls last night. I thought it would be close and thought Hillary Clinton had the slight edge, so I was delighted to be proven wrong.


It was a momentous night –  carrying on the nationalist momentum we saw with Brexit and the anti-communist push back now underway in Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

It was a victory for all patriotic Americans, sick of Washington corruption, globalism, military defeatism and watching Lady Liberty being made the “easy woman” for all the world.

Now comes the hard part: Making sure that President Trump does indeed close the borders, re-patriate illegals, close down the Muslim Brotherhood in America, open up the energy fields, abolish Obamacare, de-regulate the economy, lower taxes, re-build the military, appoint constitutional Supreme Court justices and restore the the US Constitution to its rightful place of honor.

Mr. Trump’s victory is a victory for all freedom loving people, everywhere. Just as Brexit encouraged American freedom fighters, Mr. Trump’s win will spur on patriotic and nationalist movements all over the planet.

I’ve worried in the past about Mr. Trump’s attitude towards Russia. I hope Mr. Trump will stand with the Ukraine against Putin, stand with  NATO and reassure your traditional allies of America’s continued support.

I also hope President Trump will try to to bring the Philippines back out of the clutches of Russia and China.

As my readers well know, I have long been, and remain, a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. I intend to support him if he ever chooses again to seek the Presidency. The Constitution is my issue. May President Trump be a vigilant guardian of the greatest political document ever written.

No one can deny that Mr. Trump and his supporters have won a great victory for all of us and deserve our deepest gratitude.

Thank you all.


Author: Trevor

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5 thoughts on “Congratulations to President-Elect Trump and his supporters

  1. Thank you so much Trevor, you’re amazing!

    I’ll purchase your stuff soon.

    I “know” you for a short time but you’re a special gift for all Freedom loving people, Love you man!

  2. I voted for Trump. But it was a difficult decision. He is about the last person I would have chosen for the job. A key reason, outside of his childish temperament, is his tendency to treat Putin with more dignity than his fellow Americans.

    This is a red flag that promises to grow with time. There is a pattern here, Trevor, that is strengthening by the day.

    Trump is not what he seems.

  3. Thank you Trevor, it has always been an honor knowing you, having you visit our State many times, looking forward to another visit.. the guest house is waiting for your next tour. I also was a Cruzer, but supported Trump when Cruz dropped out.
    You were to vocal against Trump so I no longer followed you or the Never Trumpers as it was detrimental to a Hillary loss. I made my opinions and analysis of Trump capabilities as a successful businessman, as did Obama’s half brother. Glad to have you back, will be watching the DVD tonight!

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