#LoudonClear: This is why we are tearing each-other apart

Loudon Clear

Tonight on #LoudonClear, Trevor and Sparky discuss the South Carolina primary as well as Trevor’s predictions and a theory about the rise of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Angela also joins the guys to discuss her new Facebook group: Trump Tantrum Watch


Trevor Loudon discusses a theory that the success of two presidential candidates – billionaire Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz – can be attributed as a response to President Obama, but for two different reasons:

  • The rise in prominence of Donald Trump is a direct response to the military-gutting, America-bashing, cop-bashing, race-baiting, Christian-bashing, amnesty-imposing actions of President Obama.
  • The rise in prominence of Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is a direct response to the degradation of the Constitution, the disregard of the “separation of powers” and limited government as envisioned by our founding fathers, executive orders and the bypassing of Congress.

Trump supporters feel that they have not been “winning,” and Trump emphasizes winning above all else. We WILL be great again and Trump will make that happen. But there is never (ever) a discussion of limited government with Donald Trump, which is, for Cruz supporters, an absolutely vital piece to saving America.

It would be great if patriots could come together and focus on beating the socialists who have hijacked the Democratic Party.




Author: renee nal

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2 thoughts on “#LoudonClear: This is why we are tearing each-other apart

  1. Trump is a dangerous blow hard. The problem with Trump supporters isn’t that they don’t want a king. It is that they don’t like the king they have an want one to their own liking ….. Give me the rule of law any day…

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