4 thoughts on ““The Enemies Within”

  1. I just saw your movie, “The Enemies Within,” last night and have to say, it’s the most concise discrpition of the political battlefield that lies behind the world stage. Is it possible to get a list of resources or articles I can use as supporting documentation in future conversation? I know I will be dismissed and need this to “wake up” others to this dire situation.

    Grand Prairie, TX

    1. All of the documentation can be found at Keywiki.org. Look up the individual highlighted in the film, eg., Eliseo Medina or Keith Ellison in the search engine on the website. Let us know if you have any problems.

  2. You can tell those Zionists evil people in goverment in clouding the president that the the real law of this planet is on to them they are watching and these people will not get away with what there trying to do to this planet they will not prevail the laws of our universe will come down on these people everyone that is involved and all the people of this planet are waking up because of the planet changes the people are getting on the same vibration of this planet and there seeing what’s going on we are the rulers of this planet and we will take the power out of the goverments hands because this is our world and there’s no room on this planet for evil people they will not prevail they will pay the price of this planet and be prosecuted to the full laws of the universe they are being watched by these people that will take all these people out of office all of them so they need to stop now and step down and stop this mind control and spraying poison in the air and in our water and our food and committing tresen against our nation and the people of this planet surrender to the athoritys right now or everything they stand for will comedown on them they will not make it the law of the universe is watching

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