WATCH: Ted Cruz, Faith in Action (video)


Hat tip: Kayla Wiley

“Recently, Senator Ted Cruz sat down with over 100 pastors and faith leaders to talk about how his Christian faith has shaped his worldview and how it would guide his decision-making as the next President of the United States. This short 18-minute documentary – Cruz Faith In Action — tells the story of how Ted Cruz came to be the man and leader he is today beginning with his father’s acceptance of Christ. You will hear directly from Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father, along with Pastor Gaylon Wiley, the man who led Rafael to Christ and then baptized Ted when he came to Christ. Senator Cruz then recounts how his Christian faith impacted him, his family, and shaped his conservative Biblical views. He also provides us with a refreshing reassurance about how his Christian beliefs and principles will guide him as President – from the appointment of Supreme Court Justices to defense of religious liberties.

We hope you will take a just a few minutes to watch this insightful view into the man who may be our next President. If it blesses you, we hope you will share it with others.”


Author: renee nal

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5 thoughts on “WATCH: Ted Cruz, Faith in Action (video)

  1. God Bless the US and the men that stand for what our founding father’s prayed everyday for. Everyone should keep praying for the Truth. God is Truth and the Truth sets you free.

    God Bless you Ted Cruz.

  2. What a stark difference Ted Cruz as a real Christian candidate is to the others who just pretend. One of the other candidates recently said he didn’t even have to ask God for forgiveness. Cruz said what is most important is someday he will be accountable to God. This is kind of man of humility I want as president. President Obama is so different from any of this.

  3. I’ve defended my dad, Gaylon Wiley, on videos w Ted & he wouldn’t showboat in the name of Jesus for ANYONE. He wouldn’t endorse Ted had he not spent weeks fervently seeking God’s Will. I’m proud he’s a man of principle, integrity & a simple servant of God. One day he’ll be in heaven & I’ll have these memories to cherish. Irony, I married a Cruz who attended Clay Road with my family & Ted’s. God’s funny like that. Go God!

    1. Thank you for bringing this awesome video to our attention, Kayla! And thanks for sharing your wonderful dad with us 🙂

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