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  1. I like Bill Whittle.

    He argues Trump is for “eminent domain” like that is a bad thing.

    It isn’t. The keystone pipeline? Cannot be built without eminent domain. Super highways across the entire USA? not possible without eminent domain.

    It is a false argument to use “eminent domain” as a bad thing. Period.

    I do agree the name calling should end. But the people who have blinders on, I have found in recent weeks, are the Cruz supporters.

    Trump supporters (I am one now, firmly) understand Mr. Trump, as a businessman making million dollar (billion dollar) real estate deals HAD to get along with everyone – Democrats AND Republicans in power. Why is this a bad thing? Do people want someone who can actually get along with opponents? Or someone who, as a first time senator (Canadian citizen until a year or two ago?!?) who calls his friends like Mitch McConnell the “Washington Cartel” – but then goes along with McConnell’s deals because it lines HIS OWN POCKET?

    What has Cruz accomplished? Good debating? Being a vocal thorn in public, but doing back room deals withe RINO cronies like McConnell?

    Cruz and Rand BOTH did McConnell’s bidding – proof here: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/01/27/heres-why-ted-cruz-has-already-lost-iowa-glenn-beck-lying-version/

    Do your contributors to THIS site – still think Glenn Beck is a sane person? Really? Cruz, Beck – and FOX owners – all want open borders USA.

    USA will not continue to exist without borders.

    If President Trump ONLY a) closes the borders and b) stops illegal immigration. I’ll be happy.

    Whittle also mentions Trump wants “universal health care…” and that is a horrible. Obamacare – is failing on its own weight. But the USA already has “universal health care” – it is called Medicaid. President Trump will hire the BEST people (not leftists, not cronies, not communists, not socialists) to figure out what good health care plan(s) can or should be.

    Until this site actually looks at Cruz critically? I’m not buying the Trump bashing… even by straw man arguments by Mr. Whittle.

    I’ll take my readership over to Diana West.net (like here: http://dianawest.net/Home/tabid/36/EntryId/3247/Cruz-v-Trump-2-The-Post-Constitutional-Election.aspx) or The Conservative Treehouse.

    Unless you are being funded by Cruz crony dollars, get it together and do some investigations into Canadian Cruz.

    The rest of us already have.

    1. Hmmmmm seems you have not read all of
      Treehouse comments. I daily read them and submit that it is tit for tat who can be the nastiest ….T vs C.
      Law says that either are eligible to run for potus .
      Stop with the name calling and pray that the best man wins. Its for America not Trump or Cruz

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