Trump says he will get ‘most of’ Ted Cruz’s votes

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he would “get most of his votes” if Cruz left the race. Donald Trump, a big government advocate who is the antithesis of Constitutionally-minded Ted Cruz, would likely not get Cruz votes, at least based on the responses on Twitter.

Of course, Ted Cruz is still very much in the race.

Some responses:

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8 thoughts on “Trump says he will get ‘most of’ Ted Cruz’s votes

  1. Millions like myself will never vote for trump if trump gets the nod it’s already over and we know he is not a Republican or Conservative end of story.

  2. I concur, I cannot vote for a man that wants to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. My pastor once said that the older a person became, the more set in their ways they become. Donald Trump is 69 years old. I have seen enough in his own words to prove to me that he is just as much a democrat now as he was 10 years ago.

    1. Your absolutely correct, Trump is a fraud,,and is film of lies,,he reminds me alot of Obama,,says one thing but does Another,,thank you for your time Mr Trump, but please,,please for the sake of America get out of this RACE!!!!!PLEASE

  3. Think the proper response is more like “Hell will freeze over, before I would vote for Donald Trump”. In fact that is just exactly what I have said before!

  4. Compared to Cruz, It is far more likely HIllary Clinton supporters would vote for Trump. And, this is precisely why Cruz voters would not vote for Trump. The conservative, tea party leaning voter, can spot a Democrat in Republican clothing (RINO) a mile away and would especially not vote for that. Of course, Trump knows all this and simply says what he says best: big exaggerations, lots of double speak, and the whole count-your-chickens-before-they-hatch bravado.

  5. As a Cruz supporter, I can honestly say that I will NEVER vote for Donald Trump for anything. My 12 pound tabby cat is more disciplined and would make a better president than Human Dorito.

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