#LoudonClear: Florida GOP establishment rocked by Cruz supporter Manny Roman

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Manny Roman, the Miami-Dade Republican Party Vice Chair, told author and speaker Trevor Loudon Tuesday that after he publicly endorsed Ted Cruz,  “everything just blew up down here.”

Roman spoke with Loudon on this week’s episode of LoudonClear. Roman defied the GOP establishment by endorsing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a letter to the Editor published in the Miami Herald.

As reported previously at TrevorLoudon.com, Roman’s act of defiance led party chief Nelson Diaz, who has worked with Marco Rubio (and even donated to Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz) to call for Roman’s resignation, saying the endorsement “violated a Republican Party of Florida rule that prohibits GOP officers from endorsing one Republican over another.”

Manny told Trevor, “everything just blew up down here.” Manny explained that party officials questioned his decision and the GOP establishment in Florida received calls from “many important people…giving them hell.”

Roman explained to Loudon that the motion was not effective; However he was censured for endorsing Ted Cruz.

Watch Roman discuss his decision with Fox’s Neil Cavuto here:


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8 thoughts on “#LoudonClear: Florida GOP establishment rocked by Cruz supporter Manny Roman

  1. It seems we are having another campaign season where emotion trumps intellect. (No pun intended)

    It seems so many folks are again falling for a guy who has great emotional appeal and who can say a lot without any specifics. A guy who can be whatever the person supporting him wants to see in him.

    I have asked Trump supporters about Trump’s continued position in favor of Universal Healthcare. I have given links showing his outspoken positions from 2000 all the way through September 2015. I have given links showing his non-answers that he gives currently as Trump tries to keep from being pinned down to a specific position.

    And yet with all of this information showing clearly that Trump is for socialized healthcare I still get replies from his supporters telling me he isn’t and that everything I showed was from long ago and that Trump has changed his position. They WANT to believe he is like them and wants what they want. Then they tell me how it is going to be great because Trump gets things done, so he will fix the Obamacare mess by getting rid of it and returning to a free market. They can’t even fathom that he might simply make it even worse as he pushes through his own position.

    And so here we are with the same people who voted for Obama because he was “historic” and “unprecedented” about to vote for another personality that is supposedly “unprecedented” and “historic” as well. And when they get the same results I wonder who they will try to blame for falling for the same act again?

    1. Funny, I replied over at that post showing how Chris McDaniel even says that Ted Cruz was the only guy to stand up for him during the who thing and is now Cruz’s Campaign Chairman for Mississippi.

      So how do YOU square that with the insane claims over at the Treehouse? Seems the Treehouse is all Trumped up and can’t think straight.

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