7 thoughts on “‘Today I Speak From My Heart’ Obama’s Guarantee To Never Divide Jerusalem

  1. This man is the worse thing that ever happened to Israel survival. He needs to be removed from office this year or not be allowed to run for office because he does not meet the qualification for the office of the Presidency of being a natural born. Kenyan British subject father and a totally photoshop forged Birth Certificate! How naive and stupid can the American people be!

  2. This speech does not surprise me, for he was losing important individuals in his own party concerning the Issue of protecting Israel. I would imagine huge sums of income would have been withdrawn from the Democrat party also. So what is he to do now for Pakistan and other countries now that he has backed out will be interesting. Something tells me that in the end Israel will be back stabbed , for our President can not afford to upset Pakistan, Saudi Arabi and etc.

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