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One of my all time favorite blogs,  is Canadian based website Once Upon A  Time In The West.

Based  (like New Zeal) on the premise that communism never died, OUATITW offers great coverage of the resurgent international communist movement and its appendages Islamo- terrorism, narco- terrorism,  Latin American socialism and politically connected organized crime.

In my view, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Nicaragua, Vietnam, North Korea, Brazil, South Africa  and countless other nations, many proclaiming friendship with the West, are all working hand in glove to destroy what is left of the free world.

Most  Westerners can see threats to their liberties from the own governments. Serious as those threats undoubtedly are, they can be overcome by concerted effort b y patriotic citizens.

What we all must wake up to however,  is the fact that the West is now under far more danger from external enemies – led by Russia and China, than we ever were in the deepest, darkest days of the “Cold War”.

Given the chance, (and theymost certainly  are)  this “evil axis” will bring our civilization to its knees.

OUATITW is one of the very few blogs in the world to tell it like it really is. Their articles are very well documented and they have a huge reserve of columns and documents, invaluable to any serious student of security matters.

Read Once Upon A  Time In The West. Add it to your blog roll. Recommend it to your friends. Send them some money.

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2 thoughts on ““Once Upon A Time In The West” – A Blog Recommendation

  1. The “communism is dead” jingle is a joke. Taking the story right from the horse’s mouth (USSR Const.), we find that the Union of Soviet “Socialist” (not communist) Republics’ Constitution tells us 57 times that it is a SOCIALIST society.

    The word “communist” is only found twice, both times refering to a member of a political party that exists to “serve as the vanguard of the working people to develop and strengthen the SOCIALIST system.” They are called DEMOCRATS over here. Anyone who works to develop and stgrengthen the SOCIALIST system is, by definition, a COMMUNIST.

    It was not “communism” that died in the Soviet Union, it was “SOCIALISM” that died there, bankrupted by its own internal decadence. Communism always was alive and well, desperately trying to revive the dead horse of “SOCIALISM”.

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