Identifying the Victims

By: Inger Eberhart
Victims of Illegal Immigration – A Collection of Essays
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

Are you the victim of illegal immigration?

Open border advocates will tell you that the only victims are those crossing the border “looking for a better life.” This is not true. They choose to violate our immigration laws; they are not victims, but perpetrators.

There are those of us, such as Justin Younie, a college student from Iowa, who have paid the ultimate price, because illegal immigration is not viewed as the crime that it is. They have paid with their lives.

Then, there are those who endure the day-to-day effects of illegal immigration…

Medical care. Because illegal aliens use the emergency room for healthcare and use forged documents to receive Medicare, legal immigrants and citizens experience a delay in receiving medical attention in hospital facilities and doctors’ offices. You could be experiencing these delays and not even realize it.

Public schools. In Georgia alone, over 153,000 illegal alien students are in the K-12 educational system. Taxpayers spend over $1.37 billion per year to educate illegal alien children and provide programs for limited-English students. Georgians spend $448 per “native-born headed household” for K-12 education for illegal aliens. How much are you paying?

Teen unemployment. Illegal aliens often take low-skilled/low-paid jobs. These are the types of jobs that teens take in order to develop the proper work habits and ethics to make them more marketable in the labor force. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal alien workers are typically older (over 20 years old), and it is harder for teens to compete with more mature workers. Add to this the fact that legal immigrants and U.S. workers are willing to take seasonal or part-time jobs to make ends meet. Do you know of a teen looking for a job?

College education. Some higher education agencies openly allow illegal aliens to attend their states’ colleges and universities, while others openly violate federal law. In Georgia, it was discovered that an illegal alien student was attending a local university and paying in-state tuition. The Georgia Board of Regents, the governing body for the state’s educational system, ignored the law for four years. Due to negative publicity, these Regents only recently decided to create recommendations to adhere to federal and state law. Do you know a college student who does not have a desk at a university because an illegal alien is sitting there? Are you paying out-of-state tuition while an illegal alien pays in-state tuition?

Adult unemployment. When businesses do not use E-Verify to check the employment eligibility of a new hire, illegal aliens can step into those jobs. Are you out of work?

So, I ask you again, are you the victim of illegal immigration?


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4 thoughts on “Identifying the Victims

  1. The flood of illegal aliens will likely lead to amnesty, followed by voting rights that will guarantee one-party Leftist rule for decades. The victims of illegal immigration will include my grandchildren who will likely live under Communism – over my dead body.

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