The Next Phase of Communist Revolution in America

By: Cliff Kincaid

Conservatives regard Thanksgiving as a Pilgrim achievement but the Marxists in our midst see it differently. To them, Thanksgiving is a stain, a stigma, an opportunity for Marxist exploitation of racial differences to advance a communist revolution.

The “progressive” strategist Steve Phillips, author of Barack Hussein Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” strategy of political power, refers to the practice of “land acknowledgment,” or recognizing the indigenous land owners, but he quickly adds the following important note: this “simply doesn’t go far enough in addressing and bringing about justice and reparations for the murder, genocide, and brutality that Native peoples faced at the hands of settler colonists; the theft of their land; and the conditions and challenges their descendants continue to face today as a result.”

In line with this, consider the message from the group “Progressive Maryland,” declaring that “Operating on stolen land, we voluntarily pay a monthly land tax to the Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians, aiding efforts to revitalize Native land and communities while empowering Indigenous people to regain control of their ancestral territory.”

Progressive Maryland says it “acknowledges that both our organization and the spaces we work within stand upon the unceded ancestral homelands of the Indigenous people of Maryland, including the Accohannock Indian Tribe, Assateague Peoples Tribe, Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, Piscataway Conoy Tribe, Piscataway Indian Nation, Pocomoke Indian Nation and Youghiogheny River Band of Shawnee Indians. We acknowledge them as the original stewards of Maryland’s lands.”

In other words, we must give the land back to the Indians and pay them for it.

In Maryland, that amounts to 7 million acres of “ancestral land.”

But don’t get the idea that these “progressives” are going to give up their homes and salaries to the Indians. Don’t think progressive Governor Wes Moore will vacate his office and turn it over to an Indian chief.  

In truth, this is all about whitewashing the brutality of the Indian and demonizing the white man. Hence, the name “Redskins” for the local Washington NFL team was eliminated and they have now become the “Commanders,” still losing to the Dallas Cowboys.

The narrative is that these Indians simply co-exist with nature and are no threat to anybody else. But let us remember that the sacred document, the Declaration of Independence, declares that “He [King George III] has excited domestic insurrections amongst us and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction, of all ages, sexes, and conditions.”

As I have noted in a previous column, the British-backed Indian attacks on the Americans were a factor in the cause of independence. Our founders understood that some of these “savages” were ruthless killers fighting for the British against the American revolutionaries.

An honest rendition of American history shows that Indians hostile to the revolution raided white settlements, murdering men, women, and children. The barbaric practice of scalping was so common by the Indians that some forts had people who specialized in treating scalped heads. One of the scalping treatments was called “pegging.”

Another part of relevant history, frequently overlooked, is that Indian tribes owned slaves. One tribe, the Chickasaws, owned over a thousand black slaves, as noted by David S. Reynolds, the author of Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson.

In Maryland, the Piscataway Conoy Tribe received Maryland State recognition on January 9, 2012.  The state says the traditional territory of the tribe primarily included present-day Charles, Prince George’s, and St. Mary’s counties, extending north into Baltimore County and west to the foothills of the Appalachians.

So when the group “Progressive Maryland” says that we are “operating on stolen land” and voluntarily paying “a monthly land tax to the Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians,” they are laying the groundwork for what is to come – reparations from the citizens of the state of Maryland, to be copied on a national basis.

As part of the “Landback” movement, we learn that their objective is the “reclamation of everything stolen from the original peoples” and that, in the name of Mother Earth, we anticipate “a future where Black reparations and Indigenous LANDBACK co-exist” and “BIPOC collective liberation is at the core.”

BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

The BIPOC Project “aims to build authentic and lasting solidarity among Black, Indigenous and People of Color in order to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice.”

So eliminating the name “Redskins” isn’t the end of this movement. What it means is that our ancestors and their descendants must pay the ultimate price — in money and our own place and situation in America today. 

We are the targets.

Exposing this Marxist movement, which is the next phase of Obama’s Permanent Revolution, is our challenge.

We must remember President Andrew Jackson’s Farewell Address, highlighting the plight of the Indians and referring to their “unhappy race” and them being “the original dwellers in our land.” But now, he said, “we may well hope that they will share in the blessings of civilization.” 

So-called “nation-building” worked in America. We owe the Indians nothing. 


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