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By: Regina Thomson
New Zeal

Friends & Patriots!
As some of you know, I manage the speaking and travel schedule for New Zealand author and researcher Trevor Loudon. He will be returning to the U.S. in late January and will be here until mid April. If you are planning or are aware of events or conferences that he may be fit for, please let me know. Below is the tentative travel schedule. If you have organizations in these states that may want to schedule Trevor to speak, please contact me or pass my information along.

He will also be in the states from mid May to August and September to November.

S. Carolina: Myrtle Beach Jan 18-20 event
Florida: March 22 – Fort Lauderdale event

NC, VA, DC: Jan 21 to Jan 28
Missouri: St. Louis Jan 30 – Feb 1
Kansas: Feb 3-5
Illinois: Feb. 7-10
Indiana: Feb. 11-15
Arizona: Feb. 17-23
Nevada: Feb. 24-26
Utah: Feb. 27-March 1
Ohio: March 10-14
Florida: March 16-29
California: April 4-10

Books: Barack Obama and the Enemies Within
Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

Leaders with Ginni Thomas interview



Frank Gaffney interviewed Trevor

Trevor & Glenn Beck

Thank you!

Regina Thomson
Manager: author Trevor Loudon
Colorado Issues Coalition
State Coordinator Colorado Tea Party Patriots


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