Obama “Hangs NSA Out to Dry” – Morale Suffering

Every American is much less safer today because of traitor Edward Snowden.


From Russia Today:

Morale at the US National Security Agency has plummeted since the Edward Snowden leak made international headlines and inspired an ongoing wave of criticism against the intelligence agency.

Six months after the first Snowden documents were published in the Guardian and the Washington Post, the NSA has become an object of scorn both at home in the US and internationally. A number of anonymous sources have since told the Post that a lack of support from President Obama has further impacted morale at the agency. One official said confidence within the NSA is “bad overall.”

“The news – the Snowden disclosures – it questions the integrity of the NSA workforce,” he said. “It’s become very public and very personal. Literally, neighbors are asking people, ‘Why are you spying on Grandma?’ And we aren’t. People are feeling bad, beaten down.”

Some observers have compared the current situation to 2006, when then-President Bush traveled to NSA headquarters at Fort Meade to address a New York Times report that the NSA had been spying on Americans before the September 11 attacks.

Bush came out and spoke to the workforce, and the effect on morale was tremendous,” Joel Brenner, NSA inspector general from 2002-2006, told the Post. “There’s been nothing like that from this White House.

“The agency, from top to bottom, leadership to rank and file, feels that it is had no support from the White House even though it’s been carrying out publicly approved intelligence missions,” Brenner continued. “They feel they’ve been hung out to dry, and they’re right...”

“The President has multiple constituencies – I get it,” one former US official said. “But he must agree that the signals intelligence NSA is providing is one of the most important sources of intelligence today.”

Why would President Barack Obama support the NSA, when he should be one of its major targets?

No doubt Snowden’s friends in Russia are very pleased with his work.



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4 thoughts on “Obama “Hangs NSA Out to Dry” – Morale Suffering

  1. I think that it is most unfortunate that many normally right-minded thinkers have come out so strongly against Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA snooping. When collectivists gather information on their perceived enemies is a clear prelude to more aggressive tactics to come. Imagine what Hitler, Stalin and Mao could have accomplished with the new NSA information “weapons”.

    When the Weather Underground outlined their plan to “reeducate” some 20% of the American population they were acknowledging that their list of who to eliminate was very poorly defined. Now, with the benefits of NSA collected information, they could essentially skip the reeducation charade and eliminate as few as 100,000 or less in order to dismantle the opposition’s potential leadership. In this context, Edward Snowden’s revelations have been an extraordinarily beneficial wake-up call. They give us a commonality and an opportunity to educate young, impressionable and idealistic voters that hopefully will be the next defenders of the freedoms that they have inherited.

  2. Make no mistake, the NSA and the rest of the Obamastasi is run by Barack Hussein Obama – he is the one who can rein back it’s excesses but won’t.

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