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Russia Ups the Ante

As America disarms, war with Russia and their Chinese, Iranian, communist and Islamic allies gets closer by the day. From MSNNZ: Poland and three Baltic…

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Editorial: The Progressive Express Picks Up Speed in the Mitten State

By: Dick Manasseri WatchDog Wire With an assist from Michigan Republicans. The breakneck speed of the runaway Progressive Express has been revved-up yet again by…

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Forum: Whom Would You Name For Person Of The Year? The Watcher’s Forum Declares a Tie for Person of the Year: Ted Cruz and Allen West Every week on Monday morning, the Council…

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IRS Targeting Now ‘Reverse-Engineered’ to Isolate, Shut Down TEA Party: Clintons See Limitless Future

By: Maggie Thornton Maggie’s Notebook Remember the faux Obama outrage when the Lois Lerner, IRS targeting scandal broke? He stood at his privileged podium, said…

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Asking for Prayer, Blogger Jim Hoft – Gateway Pundit Loses Health Insurance, Receives Soul-Ugly Leftist Email

By: Maggie Thornton Maggie’s Notebook If you read conservative blogs, you know Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. If you are far Left, Progressive and/or voted…

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Inconvenient Truths About Latest Colorado School Shooting

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media Coming as it did on the weekend of the one-year anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting that killed…

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What Is It With Socialists and Violence Anyway?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Karl Pierson (via Karl Pierson’s facebook profile) The young gunman responsible for the shooting on Friday at Arapahoe High School in…

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