Clinton: Nobody’s seen a Communist in years

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Let’s overlook the fact that Clinton looks horrific in this video. No Communists in ten years? We are freaking lousy with them. Maybe he can’t recognize a Marxist/Communist because he’s married to one. Has this guy been checked for syphilis? Because with statements like that, I strongly suspect his brain is Swiss cheese. One word for Clinton: KeyWiki.


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2 thoughts on “Clinton: Nobody’s seen a Communist in years

  1. Clinton, frau Clinton, are two American grifters, out of their depth. They started their criminal career, studying and writing on the teaching of Chicago mob enabler, Communist Saul Alinsky, later, defending the Black panther in Stanford, CT, interning with a Communist law office in Aoakland, during the hot days of the Simbianese Liberation Army chain of Bay area murders, later to do field work for the half baked, trounced “Democratic” presidntail pretender McGovern, associating mainly with Socialists, Communists and assorted anarchists, all through his and her tenure. Her close personal assistant (married to the sex pervert Weiner) is a daughter of a frau who is a supremo with the Muslim brotherhood, “Women League”, he took illegally money from Indonesian for his election camapaign, he did illegal transfer of technology to the Communist Chinese, this couple id the lefty Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, to believe in anything this man says is like is suicidal, the two are pathological liars.

  2. My first reaction was that he obviously skipped the last State of the Union Address.

    A more serious comment is that shortly after leaving office, he underwent extensive surgery for blocked arteries. It has been conjectured, and not just by Conservative partisans, that he came out of it with some deficits. Google “pump head syndrome,” or “ostperfusion syndrome” for details. He was a smart guy, so it is not always obvious, but he doesn’t seem to be quite what he once was.

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