Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within
*** Note: I am still laughing at what is at the end of this review. Snoopy gives an example of vitriol on the Left towards Trevor. It is beyond ridiculous. Trevor is one of the most honest, best people I have ever known and is like family to me. Both of us have been called spies, but this one takes the red cake. I’ve read things that are beyond believable that the Left says about Trevor — they must really, really fear him and the truth he brings to light. It brings a whole new meaning to driving the Left nuts. Priceless. I want to thank Snoopy for the great review – it means a great deal coming from him as someone who knows what true totalitarianism is and someone that I respect and value as a friend and colleague.

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I have experienced first hand some of the pleasures of living in totalitarian society. Granted, the society was already on its last legs when I left it, but very much alive and kicking during my childhood and youth. And this society was very adept, even in its dying days, in spreading the poison of quasi-communist propaganda. One of the aspects of this propaganda was extensive references to the (alleged or true?) myriads of friends and supporters abroad. Growing up, I have rid myself of belief in that propaganda, together with the stories about international web of support, seemingly empty bragging of an expiring communist behemoth.

One of the new habits I have acquired in my new life, the one outside the communist camp, was to largely disregard the murky streams of information coming from two polarized, but somewhat overlapping in their “findings” sources: the ultra-left and the ultra-right. Each of the two passionately hates the other, both hate the people in the middle of the political spectrum and both suffer from a peculiar predilection to conspiracy theories. The overlap I mentioned, as a rule includes Judeomasons, Illuminati, Bilderberg, Zionist Bolsheviks etc. – you know what I mean by now. Wayne Madsen and Alex Jones serve exceedingly well, each in his own inimitable manner, as examples of this madness.

This is, mainly, why I had some misgivings when starting to read Trevor Loudon’s book The Enemies Within (yes, the Amazon link is where you could purchase it). The brief of that book, as declared by the Amazon blurb:

The Enemies Within is designed to show American voters exactly how modern communism works and how it impacts on your life, every single day. Just how do the communists win big on things like Obamacare and immigration “reform,” which go completely against the wishes of the American people?

In my naive first opinion, communists belong in the past, with dinosaurs, witchcraft and horse manure in the streets. While I was aware of continuing existence of communists in the West (even some with hardcore Stalinist views), their numbers, their seeming impotence and lack of influence allowed my hitherto dismissive outlook on that bunch.

Not anymore. I wouldn’t offer any spoilers, but I have to say that Trevor’s book is a real shocker for anyone who, like I, was ignoring the threat that continues to dig under the foundations of our societies. The book isn’t an easy read, don’t expect to enjoy it (unless you are a communist yourself, of course), but it is a treasure of documented, meticulously researched evidence on the worms in the woodwork. The book will not leave you apathetic. I, as one who is familiar with the results of the plague called “communism”, certainly can’t remain indifferent.

To give you an example of what happens when our guard is lowered, here is one Mr Andy Newman (I have chosen a British example on purpose, to avoid spoilers, there are enough similar cases in US to fill a nice jail). Do you want to watch people like Andy Newman rise to key positions in your country? I have bad news for you: such people may already be there…

In short – go and get this book. Read it, but read it good.

And, for an afterword: if you want to know how really painful to the communists is what Trevor is doing, just ask them. Here is a blog post by one Lisa Boucher, from Forest Lake, Minnesota. She describes herself as “a Marxist and member of the small Hardwood Creek Trail Club of the Communist Party, USA with members from Forest Lake and Hugo”. To make sure that this classic example of communist poisonous pen doesn’t “suddenly” disappear, I am copying here a part of it. The only reason I am doing it is for you, dear reader, to take a look at how revolting is the communists’ way of dealing with dissenters and/or ideological enemies. To enjoy click on Read more.

Trevor Loudon is an ex-CIA agent who is instigating an attack on progressives around the world from his hideout in a mountain cave in New Zealand where he is believed to be living off financial assistance received from the British Royal Family and Richard Mellon-Scaife.

For some reason I have become one of Loudon’s targets.

Trevor Loudon was fired from the CIA after he was found raping the corpse of a dead 6 year old boy in Iraq in 2006.

The head of the CIA, Leon Panetta describes Loudon as an out of control psychotic. According to Panetta Trevor Loudon was involved in murdering young boys in 17 different countries. In each case he sodomized the young children and then cut off their penis and dried them for a necklace he wore during each murder.

The case of Trevor Loudon has been shoved under the rug by the United States government in order to prevent embarrassment to the CIA.

Trevor Loudon now spends his time compiling information about “leftists” in the United States from his cave hideout in New Zealand.

Loudon has been employed by the Royal Family for the last four years. Richard Mellon-Scaife the wacko right-wing nut job has also contracted for the services of this murdering degenerate who sells his concocted information to Accuracy In Media, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

This is Trevor Loudon. If you see this man around an elementary school or playground in your neighborhood call the police immediately. Do not approach. Loudon is known to be armed and dangerous


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8 thoughts on “Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within

  1. Mr loudon you have my and every one over fifty years of age citizen with any good comman sense attention we need to band together and get our country back before they flush it down the drain i applaud you sir for all your efforts and i will read your book soon keep up the good work trevor

  2. Mr. Loudon,

    You are so right. Communist’s are the biggest liars, cheats, thieves and organized criminals on the planet. Everything they say is propaganda and lies. Cuban Communist’s follow and harass me, trying to intimidate and set me up on a daily basis. The “Occupy Movement” is composed almost entirely of Cuban Communist’s…keep up the good work, out them all!

    Thank You,

    Gabriel P.

  3. The comments by Lisa Boucher are so bizarre that no-one could take them seriously, so a lawsuit would be fruitless. But it does demonstrate just how far Trevor has gotten under the skin of people on the hard Left. Well done Trevor! And keep up the good work.

  4. Agreed James. Trevor should really go after this person. They are not only evil, but unstable. This isn’t the only one either, I’ve seen numerous slanderous attacks against Trevor that would make you blanch. Seriously, Trevor is one of the most honest, forthright individuals you will ever meet — to attack him this way is monstrous.

  5. Regarding the blog post by Lisa Boucher; Are you kidding me? This looks like a lawsuit for slander and/or defamation of character, if there ever was one. This is the most vile, monstrous attack I have ever read. This is pure evil, and if I may say, the part where she says that if you see this man, call the police, and someone does so, and he gets killed or seriously hurt by them, (which they seem to have no problem doing nowadays) all based on her wicked, and evil hatred to someone who is against her totalitarian beliefs; well, this needs to be taken care of and stopped in it’s tracks. This person needs to go to jail, period. Free speech is what we fight for, but it must be based on the truth and facts. Making up stories and passing them off as facts, can do great harm, and should not be protected.

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