3 thoughts on “Egypt on Verge of ‘General Strike’ and Marxist Revolution

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the Egyptian communists as they are a small group with little outside help. The old ECPs run by Moscow are long gone (i.e. Obama’s Syria advisor Robert Malley is the son of ECP founder Simon Malley, a Soviet operative).

    With the Moslem Brotherhood and the Salafist party winning about 50% of the vote, the Islamists are now firmly on the road to ultimate power. Only the Army stands between the people and an Islamic/jihadist state, a lesson that the Turks should learn real fast.

    When the US defeated Saddam and his forces, they let about 80 Iraqi Communist Party members out of jail, and these ungrateful bastards then went out and protested against the US. Moscow did nothing to save their sorry hides and their influence has been that of a mosquito on an elephant.

    In Iran, Khomeini used to have mass executions of Iranian Tudeh Party members a couple times a year. Helped to thin the herd, and again, Moscow did nothing to help their “fellow” reds.

    Within a year, if the trend continues, and the salami tactics begin, the Communists, democrats, students, Copts and others will be history, and a Khomeini Junior will become the leader of Egypt.

    Obama’s talks about an “Arab Spring” will be put on their gravestones – “Here lies Ameh – he believed Obama and look what it got him”

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