2 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: “The Lynching”

  1. Lay the chicken pieces skin side down in your baking dish.
    Then you can dip them into liquid batter and fry them. Using only flour, the crust frequently falls off in the oil, doesn’t stick that well to the chicken and is soggy.

  2. My sentiments exactly. Travon got exactly the kind of “justice” he deserved. He was a punk. Here’s a street punk who thought he was “tough” and tried to assert his macho by bullying a much smaller guy. Only it didn’t work out as he hoped. It was Travon who was the aggressor, he attacked Zimmerman.

    There is a maxim in martial arts training that teaches one to try to escape rather than face an aggressor down, even if he appears to be a push over. One does not know his fighting ability, which may be far superior to yours, or whether or not he has a gun and is willing to use it. This Travon learned the hard way, and is what should be the topic of discussion.

    If he was afraid of Zimmerman, and had run away instead of playing the tough guy to impress his retard girlfriend, who brags of his “whupping” Zimmerman, this unfortunate event would not have happened. No one mentions that the burglaries and vandalism stopped after Travon got snuffed.

    Gangs have taken over this country, and government is protecting them, not law-abiding people.

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