9 thoughts on “Great Ad From Rick Perry

  1. Perry’s comment on the illegals getting free school did my in.
    I have lived abroad if you are not a citizen you are entitled to squat.
    Go to Mexico and start demanding to be taken care of they would shoot you.
    Are we nuts, with these choices.

    And to Trevor:
    I like Palin but twice she has done something that bothered me
    she put personal loyalty to a person over a Principal.
    That I can not abide.

  2. Dont worry kevin. I’m far from sold on governor rick. i like to add, but i dont know enough about Perry yet. by a long shot.

    Still much prefer Bachmann or Palin at this point.

    1. This is why I love this site….an actual response from the big man. Thanks Trevor and great job. Finally a site with good alternative (read: real) news and no rabid fans following a cult of personality…just good honest discussion. Keep it up New Zeal I plug you all the time

  3. In some respects it’s early in the race and Governor Perry has set the bar pretty high. I REALLY like the Reagan-like tone and message. This is the message of hope and vision we need.

  4. Its odd to me that Trevor and people on this site are usually so well informed but have missed the mark with Rick Perry so poorly. I almost would rather have Mitt Romney than Perry. Rick Perry really is a bad guy….if anyone believes he really regrets the whole guardasil thing I have a great deal for you on the Brooklyn Bridge. This guy has done very little good while in Texas. There was just an article out that 80-90% of the jobs he created have gone to newly arrived immigrants, which is fine but what about the rest of us. He is like the GOP’s Obama….he stands for nothing in his rhetoric but people will defend him to the death. Plus he went to Bilderberg, that should be enough. I think Ron Paul is the only chance for the republic although I disagree with some of his policies. Id rather live in a republic than a dictatorship.

  5. Time will tell if Perry is the real deal or not. So far so good.

    He needs to clarify his stance on illegals.

    The Gardasil thing, TransTexas Corridor, and the Muslim stuff is just a red herring thrown by his detractors. We will never have a perfect candidate that actually has a resume’.

    We on the right need to stop with the circular firing squads.

    1. Oh Perry’s good all right, he was good enough for Al Gore to hire him as his campaign chairman in Texas for his 1988 presidential bid. I don’t trust that he has changed his stripes very much.

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