2 thoughts on “Mark Levin Recites “I Pencil”

  1. By what real Authority or Right or Decree does Obama or any President have to change America into his ideological government? What Right does he have to make me live under Marxism? By what Right can he change what is America? He does not have this Right! And why is it no one in authority will stand up and say to him: “you excede what is the Office of the Presidency!”? A President by definition is supposed to “preside” over that which is given to him to preside. He is not given the authority to “change” our structure of Government.

    Why is Obama being given free rein (reign?) to do so? Why has he not been carted off in chains for his despicable intentions and actions? and why hasn’t his spporters likewise been given the boot?

    1. Why, you ask, is the traitor allowed to reside in the White House…where are the men with the authority to protect us and why do they sit and do nothing? That is the same thing I have been saying since before he was supposedly elected… the Nation’s leaders have been black mailed… we must find out who is behind the curtain because if we don’t we are done!
      Brietbart was willing to go there, but it will take millions of us… Wee The People must do the right thing and do it now!

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