31 thoughts on “Palin/West 2012?

  1. Palin has ignored invitations to meet with the tea party for 4 years since it’s inception in 2007 on Dec 16 and is no longer considered a viable candidate.

    Alan West is too much of a warmonger.

    The tea party was founded on principle that war should be DECLARED first. It was also founded in opposition to TARP, bailouts, deficit, Patriot Act, IRS, and FED RES.

    In NH we are first. We were first in this as well.

    The NEOCONS hacked the tea party in 2009 after Santelli, our friend, talked about us on TV.

    Aussies are not getting the full picture.

    These groups like TPN, TPP, TPE are NOT tea parties.

  2. At this time I’d prefer – West as Sec of State; Palin, Pres – Rubio, VP & add Cain, Top W.H. Economic Advisor.

  3. Cain/Palin, Palin/Cain, Palin/West, Cain/West. This is what I would like to see, but then again I will vote for whoever runs against the traitor in the White House. As long as that person is a Christian Conservative with some courage to stand up to the status political establishment.

  4. Agree with you 100%. it angers me the way the mainstream press trats Palin and tries to make her out as a dummy. If she was dumb then all those in Alaks who voted her in are/ were even dumber. Don’t think that rings true.

    They hate her because she is not dumb, she resonates with middle America, and she is attractive mother of 5 who hunts and fishes like a real American Pioneer. Where is the women’s movement in support of women? Thunderingly silent.

  5. West would be great, Palin may be too much for those who are not in love with her nor respect her due to the maligning by the media. As an Alaskan she has tons of detractors in this State that seems to be growing and this here who would not vote for this type ticket.

    Personally I think she is a much better King maker than co-king. She is a great speaker and did okay while in office, again though she has lots of baggage that would hurt this ticket. Rethink the VP slot with Jindle or Christie would be equally strong.

    No matter who is out there if they truly stand for America’s constitution the media and the libs will stop at nothing with the politics of personal distruction, signing dead voter and voting more than once to stay in power.

  6. A West-Palin ticket would be an ideal prescription for what ails this country. But what puzzles me is how any thinking person can still waste time fussing about Palin’s “qualifications” considering the buffoon the Democrats have installed in the white house. Donald Duck would be an improvement over what we now have.

    This guy has not so much as run a lemonade stand in the real world. None of his cronies has ever worked in a wealth producing private sector job. All of them have lived off the largesse of others. Their fantasy world is composed entirely of unworkable academic theories and pre-calculated computer model projections, not upon tried and proven real world experiences. They have never been there. They don’t have a clue.

    Palin was the Governor of the largest State in the union. She does have administrative experience. She managed to accomplish some positive things in Alaska in spite of the firmly entrenched establishment, much of which she managed to displace. What we need is a candidate with common sense and a respect for the Constitution and rule of law, not some cunning intellectual con artist who thinks he can feather his own nest by screwing the system. It is the liberty of all of us that is at stake.

    Thomas Jefferson once said that this country’s greatness is due to the wisdom of its farmers, not of its intellectuals and scholars; and this country’s future problems will be solved by the wisdom of the farmers, rather than the wisdom of intellectuals and scholars who have caused the problem in the first place. There are some ideas that are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. Socialism is a prime example.

    It was the academics and bogus intellectuals who have screwed up the world. I challenge anyone to show me a major calamity that was orchestrated by stupid inarticulate people.

    These calamities were all caused by “elite” intelligent, articulate persons, and are too numerous to count. Consider what came from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, etc., etc., and on up the line to Obama.

    It is Palin’s common sense and respect for our Constitution that labels her as dumb in the eyes of the lame-stream media, the intellectuals, and the academics. She is a serious threat to the liberal’s ill begotten gravy train and they know it and are running scared.

  7. Palin may be a tough sell, but God help her and I love her. I wish West could be president, but I agree with earlier comment that he could be VP for 8 years then Pres for 8 more.

    In any event, count me in.

  8. Wow, not sure about the Palin as President. Allen West is my
    favorite by far. I know Sarah Palin has many fans, but she is just not Presidential material. Her calling may be as a great spokesperson for conservatives. Realistically, she can make much more money doing just what she is doing and avoid the liberal attack machine as well. I think she would be a great Senator for Arizona?
    What about Perry/West? Save Ron Paul for later down the road. Cain might make a great VP as well.

    1. I must agree. As much as I like Palin, and that’s a lot, I don’t see her as having the political soft touch needed to get things done. Heck; I’m the same way.

      I could see a Bachman/West or T-Paw/West ticket though. Might even be good enough for 2 terms then West could win for 2 more.

      Sixteen years of good common sense in the White sounds like heaven to me right now!

    2. I’m with you Emily R. West is my first choice. I also agree that I like Palin but think she’s not ready for the presidency. I’d like to see ……actually I’m not sure who I’d like to see as vp. But West is my man!!!!!

    3. Perry was a dem up until 1989 then he started meeting with the Bildenburg people and switched to Republican Party. he is not to be trusted in my opinion. there is noting Sarah can do to avoid the attack machine. don’t you read the news! they have blown there wad on this last e-mail witch hunt. Run Sarah Run… Ron Paul while he knows about the economy that is partly because he has taken more pork out of it then anyone in government!

  9. OMG! That’s the ticket! They could even beat the media to the punch and announce as the sexist/racist ticket just for fun. What would be said after that from the lame stream would just be laughed off.

    Palin/West 2012!

  10. Anyone but the “status quo”! Ron Paul/Palin, Bachman/West? Any of the “outsiders” would make most of us jump for joy.

    What I think the Progressives have truly, on a deep down gut level, not realized is that we are awake and they had better watch their asses.

    1. ‘Progressives’ – that is exactly what my friends think they are! ‘never could put the ‘loving’ people into any catagory before. this is truly what they think!

    2. OMG….it would be awesome but hard to elect this ticket. However, a Bachman-West, Cain-West, or a Perry-West ticket would be unbeatable and totally cool.

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