9 thoughts on “Krisanne Hall on the Constitution

  1. KrisAnne Hall is a gifted, articulate, and accurate teacher of our history. If you have not invited her to speak, you should consider it. We hosted her along with other cities in our state and we are having her return with her 5 hour seminar…but we will need a bigger room.

  2. KrisAnne Hall teaches our Constitution and Bill of Rights with expertise and passion.

    She travels around the country motivating all to greater allegiance to our founding freedoms.

  3. If you haven’t heard Krissanne speak you’re really missing something. She’s brilliant, dynamic, and a constitutional scholar.

  4. KrisAnne is an expert on the Constitution. Her knowledge is undeniable and her love of the Constitution and the United States comes through. God bless KrisAnne and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  5. This was excellent! Greetings from one of the two remaining conservatives left in California. I thank God there are actually more than two conservatives left in California. I pray that many more will join us and help us reclaim this once golden state for the Glory of God! Regrettably, I think we might all be driven out first. Sadly, the eighth largest economy in the world is on the brink of bankruptcy and mournfully our great nation is on the precipice of oblivion. We need another awakening, a reformation, a revival, a revolution!
    One of her talking points resonated within me and seems to me to be the crux of our dilemma. As she stated, a democracy is tyranny whether it is one or many. We, the people, have either never known or have forgotten we are a constitutional republic. As a result, and because of our prosperity, we became complacent and apathetic, allowing the tyranny of the officious few to supplant our great God and Creator as our sustenance and our covering, ultimately removing Him from our midst (the public square).
    We are no longer one nation under God, nor are we indivisible. We are a nation divided and quickly becoming polar opposites with a great chasm separating the two sides. Many of us are aliens in our own homeland. We have deluded ourselves! A coup d’état has risen against the God of the universe.
    Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. I am afraid we have severed the third strand.

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