Help to Choose Trevor Loudon’s New Book Cover!

I can’t decide, can you?

I’ve been sent some cover design roughs for my new book. I’m down to these two basic options.

The book exposes more than 60 U.S. Senators and Congressmen who have ties to the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America or other Marxist organizations.

The book tells who they are, who they work with, what there agendas are and how they work against America every day Congress is in session.

I think both cover designs convey a sense of this. But which one do you think does it better? Please post a comment with your opinion and any suggestions you might have. I shall read every one with keen interest.

Thank you

Trevor Loudon
New Zealand



My book will be officially launched, August 20, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

However, copies will be available a little before that date. If you’re a United States resident, you can be one of the first to own one!

Pre-order today!


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29 thoughts on “Help to Choose Trevor Loudon’s New Book Cover!

  1. Thanks very much for your input guys. i can see both sides, and i love the sinister look of the second design, but a clear majority seem to favor the star design. Thanks very much for participating.

  2. Like the top cover the best. Clear and precise intent in the message.

    “Clear and present…..danger to America”.

    Bottom cover reveals the “Red” infiltration, but looks more in line with Halloween?

  3. I like the top design, as it’s better balanced color-wise,
    and the “darkness” of the subject is conveyed by the red
    star in the background both more subtly and ominously.

    I look forward to your return journey in August!


  4. I like the symbolism of the red glow emanating from within the capitol & around the outside but I agree the first one appeals because of it’s authenticity. It’s a bit like far left & far right if there was a middle ground it would better define the evil now within.

  5. #1. The Red Star says it all. Sums up your book without a need for a book review.

    Keep it simple, keep it clean.

    1. Typo in my name. It it FRIEDMAN. My computer should have known better, but you know the state of American education these days.

  6. My first thought when I glanced at the choices was to pick #2 as It conveyed to me the evil which lies within. On second thought I would probably go with #1 for the simple reason if I were looking in a book store This cover probably has a more eye catching appeal. Well done Trevor on your research and contribution to the Truth. I also am a Kiwi and am so appalled with our NZ Media, by virtue of the fact that the USA rarely gets a mention unless it has a salacious story to be told. We seem to have bred a Nation of Ostriches unable to grasp the fact that what happens in the USA, will ultimately affect us Down Under, hence I have subscribed to Glen Beck and keep abreast of news that way.

  7. I liked the ominous red bleeding of the 2nd one, but top one makes for a more classy look…

    good on ya mate, you’re an important voice in the battle to save America! 🙂

  8. I pick #1 The crisp of the white will stand out, on display at a distance.
    I can’t wait to read it.Thank you for all that you do.

  9. ABSOLUTELY: THE BOTTOM ONE (Capitol blood red)
    The top one evokes an emotion OPPOSITE to the title…that’s the LAST thing you want.

  10. The Bottom one goes Deeper in a Subtle kind of way , could be The Red of Heat ,and or Fire or Blood, Were as The Top is Limited to Red Star,..Communism.

  11. The top one for sure, it is clean and has a “Factual” vibe. The red star will be a head scratcher for some, why not add the Hammer & Sickle through the capitol dome like a fish hook? The bottom one says “Mystery Novel.”

  12. The graphic with the red star pretty much sums it all up. That’s the one I choose. Keep up the great work!

  13. I liked Cover #1 right away. Thanks for writing this important book. I am sure it will be brilliant inside regardless of the cover! My preference is #1.

  14. The top one.
    More recognisable (NZ spelling!), assuming this is an important US building, most of which Kiwis would have trouble recognising (more NZ spelling!).

  15. Like top one. Thought a blend of both and making the red star at 30% or 50% and wave it through the Capitol dome would really pop. Especially it using the red as in the bottom one shine out the windows the way it does in the bottom.

    If that looks to busy, then go with the top one, stands out more and is clean and crisp.

  16. hi trevor!

    i really like the bottom one…only thing i would add is more red shining through at the bottom of the capitol building (into the 3rd tier).

    i will be buying this book…i’ve wanted to know these names for a long time.

    God bless, Kristen Peterson

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