When Crazy Goes Mainstream

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Well, I no longer feel ‘special.’ 8)

Going to the store is like jumping down Alice’s rabbit hole these days. It’s surreal.

Forget about inflation starting to bite. Every time I go shopping it rips my guts out and does an evil little stomp through them for good measure. We bought tires for our Durango this weekend. It’s been two years. Final cost: $1140. Two years ago – $350 less… Figured we better get a new set before the whole country sinks into a black Marxist pit. Ouch… Our viewpoint is long term though. My husband saw a young couple that looked like they were doing fairly well – his choice was to buy downgraded tires, two at a time. Then there are those going for the used sets.

And then there is food. Gone are the days when women gossip in line. Oh no… Now they compare food storage and how long it will last. Winco and Walmart up here, in the last month or so, started selling long-term storage in bulk. Why buy a box of quick 1-minute oatmeal when you can get 25 pounds of the stuff and it stores a looonnnggg time? In our house, not so long as we are fond of the stuff.

I don’t see people impulsively buying much any more either. Unless you call a massive tub of cornmeal impulse buying. I hear women going on about canning, reusing foil, freezing, gardening and buying ammo. It’s like a time warp back to the Great Depression without the knowledge that we will eventually come out of this ‘change’ for the better – it’s like being hit upside the head with a monster trout named reality.

While DC and the politicians dither over the debt ceiling (Just Cut, Cap and Balance already will ya?), Americans are gutting their budgets. Figuring out how little food they can get away with, how much gas they absolutely have to have and where else they can cut to make it through the month. And the inflation monster is just clearing her throat baby… Thank you helicopter Ben! Times are hard and will get harder, but don’t despair. There are those who have lived through this and know the way out of the dark forests of financial collapse.

How about we see this through someone else’s eyes who survived the Argentinian crash:

And as the globe melts down financially, Americans are prepping, storing and girding their loins for one hell of a ride. We will prevail, but it will take a political enema and we will have to cut out waste like, oh say, the Department of Education, Energy and the EPA. And there is much, much more that can go as well. We will have to restart manufacturing and go back to the Constitution and what our Founding Fathers intended. It means going back to the gold standard. We know what to do, we just have to suck it up and do it. Of course we may have to physically remove the politicians and crooks in our midst, but even that would create a booming business in torches and pitchforks. And it would be extremely satisfying to rid ourselves of the Progressives and Marxists.

And maybe in the end we will all be better for ‘rebooting’ America. We will renew our faith in God; renew our faith in family; renew our faith in America. Christmas will be personal, not commercial. Mealtime will gain meaning again. People will once again be free to innovate and work for themselves. The government will massively reduce and the American engine will restart.

For now, we need to roll up our sleeves and join with our neighbors and friends. Prepare your household and prepare your neighborhood. Survival is the American way… When others panic, Americans save the day. So if the world looks crazy to you, relish the fight to come. Crazy has gone mainstream.


Update and Note: We have replaced two earlier videos with Fernando Aguire’s videos who is an expert on the financial collapse and survival in Argentina. A commentor felt that the person who did the original videos was Anti-Israel. Although we heard nothing in the videos to indicate that stance, we choose to err on the part of protecting Israel. We always have and always will. Thank you to the reader who brought this to our attention.


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1 thought on “When Crazy Goes Mainstream

  1. The reset is coming for America; and the only choice now will be how hard of a landing do we make — into the trees and relative damage, or into the side of the mountain and slam HARD.

    I am as ready as I can be now, not as much as I want to though; about three months of goods maybe four if I stretch it. I have not the space or funds to make much more effective.

    God Above help us in the storm that is now at hand; we will make it with firm reliance in the providence and grace of God — wont be easy yet we will make it.

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