More Actions Planned for “Red October”

In 1917, Russia’s “Red October” shook the world.

In 2011, the US left plans to create their own “Red October” – the first shots of a major nationwide campaign to create chaos and a fear across America.

The left will use any dirty trick it can to ensure that Barack Obama is returned to the Oval Office in 2012 to complete his task of creating the Socialist Republic of America.

Communist Party USA leader Joe Sims writes in the latest People’s World:

Energized by President Obama’s bold call for passage of the American Jobs Act, civil rights and labor groups are calling for a national march in Washington, D.C., on October 15 to support it. The following day Obama will deliver remarks at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial…

Speaking at a press conference announcing the event, Rev. Al Sharpton said, “We will bring forth the masses who have not been heard in the midst of the jobs debate. As the president fights for a jobs act, as supercommittees meet, they need to hear marching feet. This is to send a message to Congress.”

The National Action Network along with the NAACP and several labor unions including the National Education Association and the Communications Workers of America are key organizers of the event.

The march will begin at the Lincoln Memorial.

At a recent meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama called on supporters to put on their marching shoes to press for passage of jobs legislation and increased revenue to pay for it.

Republicans in Congress are staunchly opposing the new legislation and demands that the rich pay their fair share in taxes…

The AFL-CIO has called for a week of action for jobs from October 11 to October 15.

Speaking in Minneapolis at the Next Up summit of young workers, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis urged initiatives to help pass the American Jobs Act: “Labor Secretary Hilda  Solis described how she learned the importance of collective bargaining from her father, a steward for the Teamsters and talked about her dedication to create good jobs and help pass President Obama’s American Jobs Act. By the time Barack Obama got to office, Solis said, the nation had lost 4 million jobs. But instead, Republicans in Congress want to gut the budget and kill even more jobs.”

And not one in 100 of these marchers and protesters will have any inkling that they are tools of a handful of American Marxists and their foreign communist masters.


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4 thoughts on “More Actions Planned for “Red October”

  1. Tools of marxists?? – nope, they, like all D’RATS are marxists, lenninsts, stalinists by all definitions of the word.

    except they are too illiterate to have ever read marx, lenin, or stalin (or even know the names).

    but that is the unconstitutional politics they espouse

    that is why all true Americans are sworn to destroy them – enemies foreign and domestic – by all means necessary

  2. “And not one in 100 of these marchers and protesters will have any inkling that they are tools of a handful of American Marxists and their foreign communist masters.”

    Absolutely true! They have no clue!

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