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Drew Gilpin Faust
Office of the President
Harvard University
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Dear Dr. Faust:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar. Harvard University is assisting the Qatar Foundation to establish a law school in Doha, in order to “revitalize legal education in the Middle East, and represent Islamic and Arabic legal traditions in the global dialogue on legal and governance issues.” These traditions include Sharia law.

Harvard University is arguably the greatest institution of higher learning in the world today. The university’s endowment fund, which invests in hedge funds and private equity funds, is valued at $36.4 billion (June 2014). An institution with global influence of the first order, Harvard scholars help to shape policy on the domestic and international stage.

President Barack Obama himself is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and served as the president of the Harvard Law Review. His alma mater is now partnered with Doha to found a law school focused, at least in part, on Sharia law.

Although it is not surprising that Harvard would be found in Qatar, its activities there are distinctly alarming. Why would Harvard want to help establish an Islamic law school in Qatar, a state sponsor of terrorist groups like Hamas? “Islamic and Arabic legal traditions” includes Sharia law, which has been the basis for the barbaric and inhuman rule of the Taliban and ISIS, both to whom Doha is financially entwined.

In light of your partnership with the Qatar Foundation to establish a law school, consider that Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar has leveraged its relationships with violent jihadi groups to its own benefit, and to the detriment of the United States and her allies.

Here are additional facts around Harvard’s various interactions with Qatar and the al-Thani family:

  • The Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School is in a multi-year partnership with the Qatar Foundation. 2015 will mark the sixth annual IGLP Workshop; in 2013, the workshop welcomed 140 participants to Doha.
  • IGLP and Harvard Law School are also assisting the Qatar Foundation to establish a law school in Doha, which has as a goal the increased globalization of Sharia law.
  • The John F. Kennedy School of Government operates a fellowship fund, established out of a $2 million gift from the Al-Thani family.
  • In 2010, the Harvard Arab Alumni Association hosted the Fifth Annual Arab World Conference in Doha. The conference is one of “the most significant efforts to bring Harvard to the Arab world.” The conference thanked “her highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, Consort of his highness the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, for graciously offering her patronage to our conference; it is indeed an honor and a privilege.”
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad al-Thani, a brother of the Emir of Qatar, completed a Masters degree at Harvard University. He previously attended the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Doha.

The QAC Coalition and petitioners ask that you consider the attached sourced report on Qatar’s activities. The links cited are vetted and credible sources. We hope you take the time to verify the truth of the statements for yourself.

After doing so, the Coalition of the Qatar Awareness Campaign calls on you to exert due influence on the Qatari government to cease any type of involvement in all forms of Islamic terrorism, slavery, and drug trafficking!


Lt. Col. Allen B. West (US Army, Ret)

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Center for Security Policy

Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

Walid Shoebat

Charles Ortel
Washington Times

Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman, Stand Up America

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton **

& the entire Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition.

Qatar Research Report:
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Facebook: Stop Qatar Now
Twitter: @stopqatarnow

** Select signatures as of 9/27. The Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition is comprised of more than 25 journalists, national security experts, publishers, and independent researchers. To view all Coalition participants, please visit the Campaign’s website.

CC: David Kennedy, Faculty Director Institute for Global Law and Policy. Media Relations, Harvard University.


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