7 thoughts on “Bolt on “Climate Change”

  1. There is no science supporting the claims of man made global warming or climate change; climate and the environment is a red herring for the real agenda–which is the imposition of international Marxism!

  2. Just another scam to bilk us for more tax dollars that they need because government is the most inefficient spendthrifts in the world. Stop pissing away money on those stupid studies – like monkeys using cocaine and others (too many to list) spend spend it like its is a valuable resource not to be squandered and used for vote buying.

  3. Talk about a loaded panel. Denier city. All co2 beyond the 1850 time frame ai all human produced in the atmosphere to date. CO2 is the driver of the increased humidity in the present atmosphere since 1850. We have 5% more humidity since that time.

    THis is a denier palooza shot for the carbon industries.

    For every statement made in this video my response will be based in science evidence from this site.


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