Editorial: The 100-Year Plague That Is Killing America

By: Dick Manasseri
Watchdogwire – Michigan


The 17th Amendment is why we have a Senate that is funding Obamacare against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people.

The Progressives pushed through the 17th Amendment in 1913 so that Senators would no longer be selected by the state legislatures but rather by the popular vote of the entire state. This was done by the Progressives to reduce the power of individual states and to increase the power of the national government.

Imagine if Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Cornyn, and Lindsay Graham were accountable to the state legislatures of Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, and South Carolina, respectively. They could never be the progressive Republicans they have become. They could not play the games we saw this week.

Imagine if the Michigan legislature selected our U.S. Senators. Levin and Stabenow wouldn’t have a prayer, because they are two of the most progressive politicians in the country.

The Communists, Socialists, and Progressives have used Saul Alinsky tactics, including the power of Big Labor, to take over the leadership of every major city – Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., all in red on the map below.

Results of the 2012 presidential election by county (red: Obama, blue: Romney)

The Progressives have successfully transformed many urban dwellers into dependents who do not pay taxes and who are advocates for the welfare state even if they have to forfeit liberty to do so. Most of the non-urban counties in Michigan and other states are made up of conservatives, libertarians, and independents who honor their freedom more than a check from the government.

As a result of the 17th Amendment, when the large urban vote overwhelms the accumulation of the more liberty-conscious voters in a state, the Senators elected are progressive whether they Democrat or Republican, even though the state legislature is much more conservative.

When a newly elected Senator gets to Washington, D.C., he/she quickly becomes beholden to the national liberal media and the large national self-interest groups with their K Street lobbyists. At re-election time, money pours in from the national GOP and from K Street, not Main Street. Opportunities for soft corruption abound. In many cases, Senators become political elitists “living the high life while Americans suffer.”

Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments calls for the repeal of the 17th Amendment via a convention convened by a majority of state legislatures per Section V of the U.S. Constitution. Concurrently, liberty-loving groups could ensure better candidates for state legislatures if they found out where they stand on the Liberty Amendment Movement.

Dick Manasseri, a resident of Rochester Hills, is a big fan of the US Constitution, doing whatever he can to preserve and protect it for his children and grandchildren.


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6 thoughts on “Editorial: The 100-Year Plague That Is Killing America

  1. Hi my loved one! I wish to say that this article is amazing,
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  2. Our Republic was set up whereas we elected people to enforce the Law (the Constitution) and to limit the power of government. We no longer have a Republic and in fact we no longer even have a government. We have a corporation playing like it is a government and it administers its business via the Commerce Clause and the Uniform Commercial Code. They do not even recognize the existence of the Constitution.

    The above mentioned comments are all basically true in regard to what the various amendments did to limit our power and circumvent the Law.

    There is, in my opinion, one major hiccup to this whole thing though, and that is Mark Levin. I have been listening to his kind of tripe since the 1970’s with the ‘constitutional convention’ crap; it is nothing but a scam and it has raised its ugly head again thru the likes of Levin.

    Briefly, no one is addressing the ONLY possible solution to resurrecting our Republic; the Federal Reserve Act MUST be abolished and the purported national debt repudiated. We CANNOT and WILL NOT survive as long as the Fed is our banker.

    To imply that we “need to put the right people in office” sounds good but there is literally no difference between a Democrat and a Republican. With the Fed existing there is no hope. The ConCon crap is a fraud and so is Levin. It’s old news renewed for a different generation of sheep. Sorry.

  3. Well said!!! As I have said in my book, (The Federalist Manifesto of 2163 AD, A Political Fiction?), for over the last 150+ years, it has been the goal of the leftists to turn the States into nothing more than geographically descriptive, administrative departments of a monolithic, top-down federal system. With the “unholy trinity” of amendments, (the 14th, which destroyed State Sovereignty by making us all citizens of the federal government instead of the State in which we lived ; the 16th, which gave us the possibility of having our incomes federally taxed; and the 17th, which all but eliminated the representation that the State Legislatures had at the federal level), almost all of the barriers to seemingly unlimited concentration of power at the top were neutralised. Then, in the years 1912-1913, (around the same time we saw the 17th Amendment ratified), we also got the creation of the IRS, and the Federal Reserve. This was followed by the New Deal, and removal of gold from circulation under FDR; the Great Society and the removal of silver from circulation under LBJ, and the removal of the gold standard under Nixon. Now, looms the ominous spectre of Obamacare, under the banner of Hope and Change. Yes, I agree that the control of the Senate must be taken away from the Democrats in the 2014 midterms. Then, the selection of the Senators needs to be returned to the State Legislatures post haste.

  4. This is right on point. The 17th Amendment reversed the “principal-agent” “master-servant” relationship between the States and the federal government.
    The national government was created by the States to serve “international law” (commercial) purposes. The federal government got its authority from the sovereign States, like both governments got their authority from the sovereign “People”.
    While the House of Representatives was the voice of the citizens, the Senate (Senators being appointed by the States’ Legislatures) was the States’ veto power over their “hired help” (agent-servant) in Congress. Through the 17th Amendment, Congress has disposed of its “master”; it is no longer answerable to the States. It is now restrained only by its own passions.
    The purpose being that the common-law of liberty is administered only by the State government for the protection of its citizens. The international law authority assigned to the federal government is a militaristic commercial authority that doesn’t recognize Natural Law and our God given “natural” common-law rights. It only enforces legislated positive law (statutes and contract).
    Even more egregious is the 14th Amendment which established an ipso-facto (after-market) “federal” citizenship for the freed slaves. These new “federal” citizens are government created “subjects” who have no rights but what the government chooses to grant them. They are the “agent” who exist to serve the federal government that created them. Congress is sovereign over its “subjects”.
    14th Amendment “federal” citizens’ rights are founded in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, et seq. They come from Congress, not God. This Amendment also reversed the “principal-agent” relationship between the States and Congress by forcing the States to recognize and include this “federal” citizen in State law, forcing the States to violate their State Constitutions.
    Communism on a world scale (New World Order) is founded upon and is dependent upon international law. It is prohibited by our founding common-law, which asserts that our rights come from God, not government; the US must accordingly be destroyed.

  5. Right on Dick – thank you for making clear our option as a citizen – A Convention of States is a fabalous idea whose time has come.

    The Liberty Admentments is a well researched and thought provoking book.

    AHS from Royal Oak, MI

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