Please, Please GOP – Anyone But Mitt! (Except For Newt That Is)

When America’s future is hanging by a thread, when the constitutional conservative movement has never been stronger… why in God’s name would the GOP be even considering Mitt Romney as their standard bearer?

RINOs are for African game parks. We can’t afford to have another one leading the free world! Now is the time for courage and principle, not slick talking and good hair.


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31 thoughts on “Please, Please GOP – Anyone But Mitt! (Except For Newt That Is)

  1. What’s the beef with Santorum? He was great as my U.S. Senator from PA: fiscally and socially conservative.

  2. Herman Cain, Rick Perry
    and Mitt Romney all have the same platforms: tax reform. Can’t the GOP provide another good candidate to run for presidency who thinks beyond tax reform and who does not change their philosophy to get voters’ sympathy?

  3. I understand what is being said here, I’m a reader of, incredible site. I think Rick Perry would be a good choice! He is a real conservative, he is not afraid to say that obama, the fake president, is a socialist! Perry would do a good job, and he CAN win. I too perceive Romney as plastic and merely in it for the glory, plus he’s a rino, its obvious. Please give Perry a chance, he’s NOT a great debater, but we’re not (supposed to be) electing American Idol, we’re supposed to be electing someone who is a real american and who we can trust. Please everyone, give him a chance to win you over.

  4. I could vote for Mitt while holding my nose. He would still be better than Obama by a long shot. However, we should be following the Buckley rule: go for the most conservative candidate that can win. We have other choices that will fit this mold:

    Newt (yes, Newt).
    Perry, even though he has now proven to be flawed on some key issues.

    Ron Paul is a no go…he can’t win and I don’t agree with much of his position anyway.

    Huntsman is way too liberal. If he got the nomination I would go for a third party candidate.

    If Cain goes with the right VP choice, and surrounds himself with the right advisors, he can win. He should start doing this now in order to enhance his credibility and electability.


    1. If you want an end to Obamacare, vote for Newt. If you want our Borders protected, vote for Newt. If you want experience in DC, vot foe znewt. Cain is an accomplishes business man, true. But he would get eaten alive in DC. As a Vice President, he just MIGHT survive, and do some good for the Country. His ideas are plain vanilla American, which is preferable. It’s the lack of experience that we don’t need to support AGAIN. Newt is no Rhino! Listen to what he is telling you. Read his Contract With America before you shoot him down. Mitt is the epitomy of the “polished, career, say whatever you want to hear” Politician. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw a full grown elephant! Think it through, and you will choose Newt.

  5. I’m disappointed at your offhanded slap at Newt in the title. Our country needs solutions and leadership. And Newt has been the most forthcoming and prolific in that regard since well before the election season started, when Obama took office, and with many specific proposals (check out his website for the 21st century contract). Furthermore of all the candidates Newt is the most qualified to debate Barack Obama with a specific and well articulated command of facts to which BO should be held accountable. I dread the prospect of one of the lesser intellected speakers going up against the golden tongued one who can speak no truth. If you have a specific disagreement with Newt’s proposals then bring that out and let’s discuss it on the merits and hold it up in comparison with the specific proposals of the other candidates (which may be a challenge, I’ll grant), whom you endorse.

  6. The Republican Party continues to be the greatest obstacle to conservatism in the United States. I have had no doubt since the contenders first started parading in front of the cameras that Romney would be the party choice; he is a slick talking wishy washy liberal with a $300 haircut. Conservatives need to abandon the whole corrupt organization and vote for independent conservatives.

  7. As usual the puppetmaster pulls the strings of both parties and the American electorate are just dumb enough to think we have a choice.
    Only a candidate not supported by the Party elite will make a diference!

  8. The best most Republican candidates have going for them is they’re not Barack Obama. Mitt is the central planners’ de facto choice, if they can’t get Obama re-elected. Billions of dollars will be invested in an election to determine which wealthy interests Big State will most represent while America, the country, continues to spin into oblivion.

    Is it too optimistic to “hope” (I now loathe that word) that rather than a candidate, the public will capture the country’s imagination by bucking the almighty two-party system and voting against the pre-ordained choices? But who? Cain or Paul… possibly.

    PeeDoke, great post!

  9. PeeDoke, now that scares me. It does seem as if the Republican Party is throwing another John McCain at us, and who could bear that again? Add to my above post, someone who speaks out against Agenda 21 and speaks for our sovereignty as one nation, under God!

  10. How about Herman Cain with Mitt? Mr. Cain could actually be a “working” Vice President instead of “open mike” what’s his name, who claims the job is so easy because you don’t have to do anything at all! We just need to pray that no third party candidate throws their hat in the ring to split the vote and ensure the downfall of America as we adults know it. I want someone who promises to kick the UN out of the US, maybe start a new organization of like-minded countries (are there any left, no pun intended,) who promises to rid the federal government of all unconstitutional departments, simplify the tax code, for starters.

    1. I would rather see a Cain-Newt ticket. Two idea men, an outsider and an insider, two men who are not afraid to make decisions. My only concern is that Newt has been a big government guy, which is why he isn’t my choice for Pres.

      This would be somewhat similar to the benefits that Cheney gave to the Bush administration.

      1. George, Cain is a pseudo-outsider. He was on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Fed (including 2 as dep. chair and 1 as chair) for 3 years back in the 90’s.

  11. According to Solomon Yue, Mitt Romney was the preferred choice of the Republican Party establishment. When the Republican National Convention is held in 2012, the other canidates will fall aside as part of the show. Only Herbert Cain and Ron Paul are not a part of the deception. The result will be Mitt Romney appearing as the clean-cut choice of the Republican establishment. Who is the mouth piece for the Republican establishment: Carl Rove. Who is the ideological leader of the Republican establishment: Solomon Yue. This is the formula for control to inject America further into the New World Order’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program.

    Who is Solomon Yue?
    In his youth, Solomon, under the rein of Mao, was chosen to lead a faction of the Young Communist League in China. A faction that exercised control of over 1 million Chinese. Supposedly, Yue rebelled and through his grandfather’s connections defected and went to Alaska to gain his citizenship.
    His sponsor was the former President of Kent State University, Dr. Oulds(sic)who at that time was establishing the Alaska World Trade Center or some similar organization.
    Solomon and Oulds moved to Oregon. Where Solomon began working his way through the State Republican Party establishment. Eventually he gained Chairmanship of the Oregon Republican Party where he made several changes redirecting Republican Party policy that follows exactly the policies outlined by Mitt Romney in the video above.
    The Right to Life movement was practically taken apart by destroying the reputation of the person running the program.
    It didn’t take long before Yue had others convinced in the Republican Party to follow his lead. Charge former Republican’s with embezzlement and fraud, destroy their reputation. Then take control, from behind the throne, of the Convention and the Republican Party.
    So how does someone follow this line of experience and become the ideological leader of the Republican Party?
    Those who read Barack Obama and the Enemy Within by Trevor Loudon clearly see how the Russian, former Soviet Communist Party infiltrated the Democrat Party and took control getting their representative Barack Obama elected President of the United States.
    So the question remains, Who is the real Solomon Yue?

  12. I agree, Trevor and Cali… but who? Cain would only be good (O so good) for economy, Perry is scary, Newt ??? I know you don’t like him. Bachman doesn’t strike me as a “finisher”. Perhaps some combination? I hope Mitt isn’t the guy we all “settle” with.

    1. In my estimation, Newt is the only intelligent choice. I don’t understand WHY people are clinging to the “baggage” idea. Long past, and next to the scandals of our present governing choices, quite pale in comparison. I have yet to see newt hum and haw around a direct question. You can see the wheels turning with the answer even while the question is being asked. That’s because he KNOWS the answer, doesn’t need time to think something up. Newt all the way!

      1. Newt knows how to answer, but he doesn’t follow through. He’s just one more RNC pic and his time came and went in the 90’s. Cain is best of the group so far, but he’s a CFR member as is Newt and I wonder if CFR will just surround him with proper elite thinkers (progressives). I would have been all for Palin. Bachmann is a good woman, but I don’t think she can win this. Sure don’t want Newt or Romney. Still waiting and listening and weighing. If we don’t elect a true conservative this trip round, I think we are done for as a great free country. Amazing how many folks still want to reach for the old lie of Communism/Socialism. I backed George Bush right up to 2007 when he backed illegal aliens having a path to citizenship….woa, he wasn’t the conservative I thought he was. I don’t blame Bush for all our mess, but he sure set the stage for Obama and that’s very scary to me!

    2. I know it is very late in the game, but I think that LTC Allen West is the man that we need to be running for President in 2012. When asked about running, he has said that he would not pursue getting in the race; it would be up to God and to ask his wife, Angela. I believe he would answer the call if he was asked loudly by the American people to do so. He has stated that he would never let his country down.

      He is a strong proven leader and is exactly the kind of man we need in the White House sooner, rather than later. He is an honorable, principled man who loves his country deeply and the American people can trust him. He will show the rest of the world that America, the shining city on the hill, is back and will not be pushed around anymore!

      He could defeat BHO soundly and would not need any rehearsed talking points or teleprompters. He speaks from his heart. I and thousands of others like me love him and all that he stands for. If you are still undecided and unhappy with the current choice of candidates, I urge you to please contact him ASAP by letter or fax telling him why he needs to run.

      1. Yes Kinikia, LTC West is the man for America. I pray that he’ll answer the call. Some say he’ll split the GOP ticket, and result in another four of BHO, but I think he may be the only one who can defeat him. Please help convince him to run.

    3. I agree with you, Bill. I’m hoping Cain starts to climb and the GOP takes notice. I believe he is our only hope as far as the GOP goes.

    4. Bill, doesn’t Cain having served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City for 3 years (2 as deputy chair in ’92-’94, 1 as chairman in ’95) bother you?

  13. True enough, Mitt is the choice of the GOP-a plastic man without charisma, another snakes oil salesman.
    I believe Sarah would have been the choice of the people, but dropped out; wondering whether her family or her were threatend.

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