Occupy Atlanta Silences Socialist Rep. John Lewis

This is cultish and sick.

Occupy Atlanta protesters demonstrate North Korea like group think as they reject a speaking slot for socialist Georgia congressman John Lewis.

If the ‘Occupy’ mob will treat a fellow leftist this way, how would they deal with the rest of us if they ever gained power?


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8 thoughts on “Occupy Atlanta Silences Socialist Rep. John Lewis

  1. Wow.

    John Lewis is SO not a socialist.

    You obviously know NOTHING about the USA, especially The South and especially Georgia. No one would ever get ANYWHERE in politics in The South by aligning her/himself with socialism.

    Just because (post-Michael Harrington and Barbara Ehrenreich) DSA claims the entire Progressive Caucus as “socialists” doesn’t make it so.

    John Lewis is a great representative and leader but he is not and has never been a socialist (or at least not publicly– what he believes in his personal, private life, is something to which I, of course, have no access).

    Nor are the OWS/Occupy Together folks interested in being coopted by ANYONE in the mainstream political parties, progressive or no.

    If you read and understood their goals and the movement as a whole, you might get that.

    I never expected to see the same kind of culturally imperialised projection of values coming FROM Aotearoa TO US Americans– the other way, of course; but I’m really surprised to see it going in THIS direction.

  2. Encourage the morons to continue their gatherings. It’s difficult to imagine a demonstration of stupidity more effective than the drones themselves have produced. GO DRONES!

  3. One Blogger Reports That The George Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Is Now Hiring Actors To Falsely Impersonate Protestors and Police Officers In Order To Stage Acts Of Police Brutality And Spark Riots And Civil Unrest.

    Watch Videos Here



    Be Advised That False Personation Of A Police Officer Is A Crime.
    If This Is True These People Should Be Placed Under Arrest ASAP!

  4. What is not seen is the useful-idiotanium laced Kool-Aid that was distributed as a sacrament to the crowd before the video camera was turned on …

  5. Idiots that don’t understand the difference between Capital and Capitol. “I saw a sign that said Capitolism is dead.” Maybe the guy was referring to Washington DC

  6. Haven’t any of the comedy central or snl or politically incorrect comedians made fun of the repeat-after-me chanting yet? Too easy a target?

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