9 thoughts on “Egyptian Marxist Revs Up “Occupy Wall Street” Zombies

  1. One Blogger Reports That The George Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Is Now Hiring Actors To Falsely Impersonate Protestors and Police Officers In Order To Stage Acts Of Police Brutality And Spark Riots And Civil Unrest.

    Watch Videos Here



    Be Advised That False Personation Of A Police Officer Is A Crime.
    If This Is True These People Should Be Placed Under Arrest ASAP!

  2. SOLyndra, Fast and Furious, corruption and theft of TRILLIONS of American taxpayers $$$$$$$$, unions paid off, ge paid off, gm paid off, terrorists paid off, foreign banks paid off, WHAT PART OF impeach the crooks do you not understand?

  3. this man mohammed should be
    cited and arrested for inciting violence.

    Inciting violence is ‘treaonous’ and seditious..

    IF HE AND THE OTHERS who occupy
    no like America
    no one is keeping them here


  4. Is this for real? They sound like a kindergarten class repeating after their teacher! I guess they can only understand in very short sentences. Talk about brainwashing!

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