5 thoughts on “Tarek Fatah: “PM Harper is Right About Islamofascism”

  1. Sharia Bolshevics — apt term. I must remember it.

    Interesting, too, his observation about the massive immigration of Muslims to the West. Why, indeed, are they?

    He’s a brave man, indeed. Political Correctness is a disturbing bit of “useful” idiocy, and he’s having no part of it. Good for him.

  2. Mr. Fatah is a very courageous man. Unfortunately, many of his peers are not willing to express their opinions out of fear. The terrorists are clearly in control with these individuals. It is a shame. We have a problem facing the West and there are certain political leaders who pander to these despots thinking by doing so, it will save their posteriors. We in the West must stand vigilant to groups who wish us harm.

  3. I applaud him speaking out. If in fact he faces death threats for opposing the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamism, then he is a courageous man. When I read the Bible I am always delightfully surprised at who God uses to accomplish what he has planned. It is almost in all cases, someone who we would never think would be selected for this reason or that reason. But, we have got to figure out how to tell these people apart and get to the core of their true purpose and where their heart truly lies. They don’t care how friendly, helpful, or cozy they have to be to infiltrate our highest offices as long as it serves their purpose. The common person couldn’t stomach spending time day in and day out with people they view as so awful they should be exterminated, but they don’t have a problem with it. They don’t have that ingredient that values human life no matter who they are. They are patient, and if it takes 20-30 years, they don’t care as long as they are making progress. We are such an instantaneous country, we can’t see this so they have been allowed to creep in, set up, gain power, organize, and use our laws against us. Praying for Gods disernment and intervention is the only way we will be able to undo the damage done and reverse the direction that this is all heading.

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