Gore Calls for an American Spring


Al Gore: “We Need To Have An American Spring”

The calls for open revolution by the Progressive/Marxists are getting stronger and stronger. Mixed in it, Gore claims he wants non-violent revolution. He’s lying. Listen to how Russia TV is wording this. They are fomenting outright revolution here in the US. RT is a subversive and Communist propaganda outlet for Russia. Russia would love to see us implode.


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11 thoughts on “Gore Calls for an American Spring

  1. I can’t believe I actually agree with Gore calling for an American Spring. However, I think he got his season wrong. I would like to see an American Fall 2012. At that time, “we the people” have an opportunity through our power of the vote, to throw out, at a minimum, every member of the Congressional Progressive caucus (74 members), re-gain a majority in the Senate, and replace the current “leader” of this great country. If we don’t, we will no longer be a great country.

  2. Al Gore calls for an American Spring, a grass roots none violent demonstration. Well what the hell do you think the TEA Party is you moron. You vilify a true American movement as terrroists, Nazi’s, tea baggers and every other vile comment you can think of. You dope smokin, global warming idiot. There is an American revolution, just not in step with you. John Kerry the other idiot wants to censor any TEA party acknowledgement from the media. You’re all marxist hiding behind the democrat icon. Look up communism in Wikipedia it’s defined as a democracy. Is that the spring you support in northern Africa and the middle east. You should drug tested. Your face is puffy, I know what drug causes that.

  3. Tea Party is behind the scene allright, but nothing gets awareness up like 2 million or so on the streets, protesting. There are still too many of us asleep thanks to media malpractice. We must do those things that they cannot ignore.

  4. I think the only people who are familiar with the Koch Brothers would be the left. I too went to DC, no one paid my way, gave a room to stay in. No one made us those bright shiny signs that the unions have. Heaven forbid, now a graduate student will have to start making interest payments on their student right away! Tought sh**! For those of us who fought for our country, we did not come home bithcin’. We just wanted to be free and get on with our lives. Who the he!! do these people think they are?

  5. The TEA party isn’t in the streets in DC because we are busy behind the scenes.

    The media is trying to paint us as potentially dangerous terrorist -type people. Pretty funny when you realize that we were depicted as fat, old white people when the movement started.

    It is too bad that Al (from my state of Tennessee) has to call for a revolt. The TEA Party started spontaneously and it is not backed by the Koch brothers.

    I drove to DC 5 times and paid my own way every time. When the left had their counter rally the UNIONS paid for buses.

    The media wouldn’t be hitting us this hard if we were not a political threat.

    The 2010 elections scared the democrats – rightly so.

  6. “Al Gore goes short of calling for a revolution; he still seems to believe that the democratic process of voting really gives people a voice.”
    –RT Anchorwomen

    Democratic process of voting = peaceful revolution.

    Calling for a revolution = violent revolution.

    She implies that she no longer believes in the democratic process of voting, therefore she believes in revolution. RT really is fomenting overthrow of the U.S. government–make no mistake, socialism (in the Marxist sense, not in the sense of the Old Poor Laws) is incongruent with our system of government and traditions. I didn’t realize they were doing that. Not that I’m surprised.

    “fair share”
    “fair shake”
    “Wall street versus Main street”

    These are just euphemisms for the old slogans, designed to anger people and make them feel justified in their anger–agitation.

    Marxism has always been a system for the taking and consolidation of power. The people that foment the revolution take charge afterwards. It’s all about greed, power, and control, really. Marxist socialism operates under the cover of being all about helping others–it has nothing to do with that. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be in the interest of rival nations like China and Russia to encourage this in America? Perhaps they might back this? I would if I were them.

  7. Okay Gore now has crossed the legal line; the Arab Spring was the call for revolution and overthrowing of established governments in the middle east.

    Therefore he is calling for an uprising and overthrow of our own established government….that is under the law sedition and maybe even treason (not sure it is up to that level yet.)

    1. I knew Russia Today was getting bad but not this bad. Remember not too many weeks ago when they were claiming that we were trying to oust Chavez while he was in Cuba for medical treatment. Meanwhile Chavez barely got a mention in the press here.

      And William, i don’t think that Holder is going to prosecute anyone for sedition or treason (unless it’s one of us).

  8. AL Gore doesn’t see it, but his head is getting way to big.

    He should stop listening to Huffington Post owner, Arianna Huffington. She said in a video that American’s should take to the streets when the normal avenues of comprimise don’t work.

    George Soros will probably start a revolutionary class, giving each demonstator a few thousand dollars to revolt in the streets..

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