Communist Party Amps up Rhetoric: “Prepare for War”

The Communist Party USA is amping up its rhetoric as it prepares to confront the “Tea Party” and the GOP in the coming months.

Rick Nagin

Ohio Communist Party leader Rick Nagin sets the tone in today’s Peoples World:


The best thing that can be said about the distasteful debt ceiling deal is that it is behind us and hopefully the real challenges and issues facing the American people can now be frankly addressed.

The AFL-CIO leadership, which met with President Obama the day after the agreement was reached, correctly said the deal ignores and undermines the nation’s ability to confront the real problem – America’s job crisis. They blasted it as “a product of extortion by House Republicans,” one that is “even more right-wing than the average Republican.”

The labor leadership recognized that, given the balance of forces in Congress, Obama had no choice but to negotiate. Not to do so would have been politically disastrous, but doing so meant that Republican demands to slash essential programs and weaken Social Security and Medicare were on the table.

While threatening to eliminate nearly 2 million jobs in 2012 (according to the Economic Policy Institute), the deal spared the basic entitlements for the time being. But the battle over these, as well as Democratic demands to increase revenues through taxes on the wealthy and the corporations, will be shifted to November when the fight will resume in the deficit super-committee.

This gives a few months for the president and his allies to rally people and expose the Republican aims, which polls show are highly unpopular. During the negotiations, Obama had no choice but to be diplomatic. The Republicans took the hits for throwing tantrums and walking out while Obama gained in stature and respect.

But now that the unsavory deal is done, the time for diplomacy is over and the time has come to take off the gloves and tell the truth. The Republicans are no ordinary opposition party with whom the Democrats can have amicable and respectful differences. They are racist, anti-labor, anti-democratic extremists, beholden to fascist-minded billionaires. They are hell-bent on wrecking the economic security of working people and turning the government into an open tool for corporate plunder.

Last November, working people suffered a major setback. The right wing was able to play on mass anger and frustration over the slow recovery and blame the Democrats for the crisis caused and sustained by Republican policies. In Ohio, Wisconsin and other states the Democratic base, pounded by right-wing media, did not turn out in sufficient numbers to overcome the frenzied, corporate-funded Republican campaign of bigotry and Big Lies.

The result was a Republican takeover in these states as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives, and an immediate, unprecedented, far-flung attack on civil, democratic and trade union rights.

In Ohio, in just six months Gov. John Kasich outlawed collective bargaining for public employees, slashed funds for education, health care and local government services, enacted a voter suppression law, put key state assets up for sale, restricted reproductive freedom, expanded gun rights and opened state parks to reckless plunder by gas companies.

If the Republicans take over the White House in 2012, it will be Kasich on steroids for the entire country. As Vice President Joe Biden warned the AFL-CIO in March, every effort must be made to “keep the barbarians from the gate.”

It is urgent for President Obama, the Democrats, the labor movement and all progressive allies to rally the troops, expose the danger and prepare for war.

Communist Party rhetoric is not usually this extreme. The fact that they are throwing caution to the wind, tells us they understand the huge stakes in next year’s election cycle.

If the Communist/Dems win in 2012, America’s march towards socialism will be almost impossible to stop.

If the “Tea Party” wins (NOT the GOP),  Americans will have a fighting chance to save their country.

The Communist Party USA understands this.

Do you?


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23 thoughts on “Communist Party Amps up Rhetoric: “Prepare for War”

  1. I find the comments below the article in ‘People’s World’ very telling, on various levels…

    ‘Obama sure didn’t gain any stature and respect in my eyes. This president is hopeless. I have come to expect nothing good from him. He is either secretly on the other side, or he is the biggest chump ever.

    Posted by John Whiskey, 08/09/2011 9:21pm (2 days ago)’

  2. In everyway that matters I am so ready for this fight. The end of Obama is now near and these communists will be defeated in 2012. We have endure enough misery. By the way, this narrative never changes. You can look back through history and know it is always the same. My response to those idiots in the Left is talk is cheap. The tea party will deliver a mortal blow to these idiots and others on the Left. This will happens not so much because we are determined but because we are right. The truth always prevail.

  3. “The only Good Communists are the dead ones.*”

    * atttributed to an American Soldier, on the battlefield in S. Korea, after killing dozens of crazed Red Chinese as they assaulted an American machine gun position.

    Those words ring true today.

  4. Remember, in 1956 Nikita Khrushchev warned us all that “COMMUNISM would bury us from within”!
    The word “DEMOCRAT”, without any doubt, has now become synonymous with “Liberal”, “Progressive”, “Socialist”, “Marxist”, “Communist” “Environmentalist” “UNION” and “Fascist” to name just a few, and although each has it’s own peculiarities, they all harbor the same basic tenets and that is the absolute destruction of our “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”!
    Obama is said to be an accomplished Constitutional scholar,the fact notwithstanding that the knowledge acquired was not for the benefit of our country but to be used for it’s ultimate demise!
    I take my leave with a quote from a book entitled “The Douglas Letters”
    “As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness”. (Justice William O. Douglas, 1976)

  5. What planet do these people live on? Every single last communist/socialist/Marxist in our government needs to be sent packing and back into hiding where they belong. They are shameless and that is a very big part of the problem.

  6. Oh boy, maybe we really will get the opportunity to remove considerable amounts of communist dna from the gene pool in America.

    Sounds like there are tons of black teenagers in WI that need thinning out too. OK, things are looking up.

    I’m ready for WAR! No, really. I am. And so are millions of other patriots. We’ve stockpiled the weapons, ammo, food, water, etc. so all I can say is: Let’s roll! Let the cleansing and restoration of America begin.

    1. Please be careful Diamondback,for although you anger, disgust and disdain is warranted, your rhetoric will be used against you by the “COMMUNISTS” to further their cause!

  7. The communist mantra is “always preach true democracy but when they least expect it, we will smash them with our clenched fist…seize power as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible”.

    Communsist revolutions are all violent, nowhere has communism been established by peaceful means. People will not willingly give up their freedom.

    The only “Peoples’s Revolution” that benifited humanity was the American Revolution.

  8. I guess we can see where the Democrats and Barack Obama are getting their talking points from–the communists, not that that is surprising because they are all communists at heart.
    The ract that they have amped up the rhetoric in recent days shows us ho fearful they are of the Tea Party. They once laughed at and mocked the Tea Party, but now they fear the Tea Party, so it is back to page one of the playbook–slander your opponent instead of debating the issues.

  9. I wouldn’t put it past these people to stage some kind of violent event incriminating the Right and Tea Party in order to break their recent inability to advance their cause through the democratic process of voting. Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with.

  10. Communists sure are a miserable lot. They’re miserable because communism just can’t happen fast enough and then when they have it, they’re miserable because it doesn’t resemble the storybook version they learned from the apparatchiks that infest the upper strata of the social structure.

    They don’t seem to realize what a splendid job Obama is doing to expedite Marxism in the US.

    A rule of Marxism is no property rights. You can’t have communism when people still own the product of their own labor. Obama is looting people of their property through unemployment and inflation, and policies that make market activity less accessible to the individual. Further, taxes and regulations are driving good business to greener pastures, (except for those few Too Big To Jail corporations that keep the Politburo fat and happy, and secure in their lofty positions. But that’s an inevitable and necessary consequence in pursuit of Marxism; a top-down, totalitarian autocracy.)

    Obama speaks of “shared sacrifice,” “redistribution of wealth” and “collective failure” which should make a communist’s heart flutter with anticipation (of course the wealth is being redistributed recklessly and globally, but that’s the surest way to deny people their ability to retain property). Once Americans cannot provide for themselves and become dependent on the State –which seems to be happening brilliantly – The US will be a communist “utopia.”

    Communists, you should bow down and kiss the hand that will soon feed you.

    1. Ditto Kahki…Looks like the Cloward- Piven strategy that’s been employed since LBJ is now in High Gear…The sooner we’re bankrupt…the sooner…most Americans will have their hand out to Big..share the Misery…Government…Looks like Joe McCarthy was right…the Marxists have infiltrated our Government…Judical system and schools..The next election will decide if we’ll be a… We the People …or We the Sheeple Government..!

    2. The Democrats are no ordinary opposition party with whom the Tea Party can have amicable and respectful differences. They are racist, anti-labor, anti-capitalist extremists, beholden to progressive/communist-minded billionaires. They are hell-bent on wrecking the economic security of working people and turning the government into an open tool for socialist plunder

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