5 thoughts on “No Caption Needed

  1. If it would result in President Obama in a hospital bed in a cage on trail for his life like Mubarak then I am for it.

  2. He has called the Constitution he has sworn to uphold a flawed, racist, biggoted document full of negative liberties that needs to be eradicated. That is exactly what he is doing.

    He seems to forget that this country was not founded for him, he was invited and adopted into it after-the-fact through the 14th Amendment as an act of generousity of the founding body politic. He is a guest in the house if the host. Eliminate the 14th Amendment and he is left without citizenship. Only the Constitutional “Posterity” of the founding generation, for whom the country was founded, and to whom it rightfully belongs as a birthright, remains.

    It’s time the rightful “owners” put the “burglers” in their house out in the street.

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