An American Suicide

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Brian B.

John Boehner’s betrayal of Conservatives is complete, he pushed through the bill that is the death knell of America and all we have stood for. Promises were broken left and right. By raising the debt ceiling by trillions, he has given Obama and the Progressives a blank check to finish killing off the American way of life and our freedoms. No cuts in expenditures will ever materialize and the Cloward and Piven strategy will at long last be realized. Every politician who voted for this treachery needs to be voted out – if we even see another election that is. This bill is a farce – a complete horrific joke.

I would just like to ask Boehner, Cantor and the Republicans if it was worth it? I mean, I hope they paid you well for your betrayal of America. I really hope it was worth it because you will have to answer for it one way or the other at some point. I think you “misunderestimate” just how angry America is at you right now. But I’m sure you will figure it out.

Not one of you miscreants in DC has any courage or honor whatsoever. You are cowards and traitors. You are an embarrassment to America and to your forefathers. You are disgusting to us – you are hated, despised, reviled… I just wanted to make sure you knew that in case you had any doubts.

I am sure you feel smug. You feel that you are above it all. You might have even kidded yourself into believing you did the right and moral thing. But you are nothing more than elitist fools who will be culled with the masses in the end. Tyranny always ends that way. Oh yes, it is equal in the end. Equal in death. Equal in suffering. Equal in horror.

You have handed a dictatorship to Obama. Not only does he have the blank check I mentioned, but he will have the power to massively increase taxes and finish gutting our military. You have neutered our protectors and have doomed us as a super power. I weep today as I watch my country ending before my eyes. You could have stopped it, but instead you drove that car right over the cliff by hitting the gas pedal today. And you even had Tea Party Congressmen behind the steering wheel. Well done.

Don’t you know when you’ve been played? Really? This was Obama’s plan all along. Of course, if you hadn’t betrayed America (which was just a delicious bonus for the Progressives), Obama would have gone ahead and done it any way using an Executive Order to finish the job. We have been thoroughly infiltrated and a soft coup is now almost complete.

And now that you have totally trashed our ratings and currency, a crash is a foregone conclusion with hyperinflation for desert. Hello Weimar Republic, here we come… We are Greece. We are no longer America.

America deliberately put a Marxist/Communist in the White House. And now, his fondest dreams will come to fruition. An American suicide to the tune of thunderous applause as liberty dies a senseless death that has been planned for 100 years or more. The Progressives have fought brilliantly, I’ll give them that. How can any of you write this off to good intentions or incompetency? It is neither – it is a well-conceived and carried out battle plan. Sure, they let us win little battles here and there, but what they care about is the war. And I hate to break it to you guys, we are losing.

My family and I are preparing. We know what is coming. I pray that each and every one of you has the sense to prepare as best you can. Time is short. The fight is at hand. Stand together and take care of your families, loved ones, friends and neighbors. Show the bastards what real Americans are made of.


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4 thoughts on “An American Suicide

  1. Terresa, this is a great article. you have the courage and fortitude to tell the truth. Americans are unfortunately walking around with eyes wide shut and ears glued…..

    Obama is determined to implement Agenda 21 – to become the dictator of the world – to destroy America as we know and love it – and he is going to make sure that redistribution of wealth comes through one way or another. He has his Marxist henchmen in place in the government and he is ready to roll.

    The only people standing in his way are those pesky, honorable, intelligent. loyalists and freedom preserving tea party members who like you, and like myself, are loathe to see what this Marxist, Fabian Socialist, Keynesian economist, anti American, pro Muslim, Cloward and Piven follower, Saul Alinsky disciple…..etc etc. is really doing to the country on purpose.

    The ghost of his Father is running the country.

    Americans must stand up to be heard and to be counted or the country is lost to communism, and to the worst period in history for this country who is rapidly losing it’s place as the leader of the freeworld.

    Pelosi and her rat club must be voted out. They care about jobs all right – jobs for themselves.

    Obama is going to celebrate his birthday at about $35,000.00 a plate while people are having trouble putting bread on the table for their children! He says he lives and breathes jobs – he does – but it is HIS JOB HE IS DETERMINED TO KEEP.

    He rails against business, fat cats etc yet he himself is an elitist millionaire many times over.

    The Republicans have caved….The Progressives are laughing all the way to the election…..

    This president lies like a cheap rug and repeats his lies over and over again so that he can ensure that his radical ideas are embedded into the soft brains of those who still believe in him.

    Mass hypnosis has taken over common sense.

    The country must wake up.

    We all must do our part and you are doing it by writing excellent and truthful articles as the one above.

    I thank you, you are a true patriot. Keep up the good work and please do an article on Agenda 21 as most people do not even know what it stands for or that it even exists and it is vital to the country that we are all aware of what this agenda will do to the country – global governance, redistribution of wealth, anti God, etc. Please do an article explaining this agenda. Thank you.

  2. There is always hope to boot the commie-in-chief out on his ear along with every single progressive, democratic socialist, communist, socialist, and rino out asap, so that we never again have to hear a president say that we need to let the “professional politicians” handle things, or tell us not to watch the news,or we must pass it so we can find out what is in it. Then it is imperative that we get term limits in for all of Congress. May God protect us from those who call evil good and good evil and may He drive them out of office in disgrace. We cannot face so much evil without God.

  3. Terresa your article sounds hyperbolic and melodramatic. But unfortunately I fear you are just telling the simple truth. Even though I knew this was coming, just another predictable step in the dismantling of the Republic, it still is sickening to behold.

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