1 thought on “Obama Facing Landslide Defeat!

  1. Okay, maybe, just maybe Obama is facing a landslide defeat; the one key thing to understand with a landslide is the sheer size and mass these things can encompass.

    The landslide can range from a small one taking down a single person to a cascade of a mountain face dropping to the bottom hills and the valleys around it.

    So Obama may go down, the deal that has been agreed upon and today has passed the house may just be the landslide that takes down more of the old guard in DC as the people of the nation vote them out of office, along with any new ones who betrayed what the people wanted.

    Also, if this mess with the debt is not curbed, along with the out of control spending and grabbing for control government; the landslide will encompass most or all of the nation of the United States.

    Most people will say the nations and events do not bring down one another in just a small way at the start.

    Consider just before the Revolutionary War, when the booklet “Common Sense” was published. Within six months, the war was on.

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