Movie Redeems Itself (Kinda) In Left/Right Analogy

By: Deanna M. Murray
Tea Party Tribune

When you discover you just spent more than $10 to see pretty much the worst movie EVER made, can anything give you comfort?

I didn’t think so … especially when my mind started wandering about 15 minutes into ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and the thrill of seeing Daniel Craig in chaps had worn off …

Then, I had one of those moments. It was the moment I realized that greatness could arise from the ashes of a ridiculously dumb movie plot … the hope came in the person of Harrison Ford.

Because seriously, no matter how old he gets, Harrison Ford can still work it …(kinda like Sean Connery … always sexy) … But a bad movie is still a bad movie … so, I slipped into stupid-movie, nap mode … then … it happened AGAIN. …

This ridiculously asinine excuse for a movie (thank you, Stephan Spielberg) about aliens stealing town folk from an old west mining town to ‘see how they tick’ so they could annihilate the human race, started to become a perfectly normal paradigm of how the left is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. And in case you hadn’t figured it out yet … the left are the aliens and us red-blooded conservatives are the cowboys.
Basically, in the sandstone hills and mountains of what looks like Texas or New Mexico, the aliens have imbedded this colossally large space ship underground and it sticks up out of the ground like a tower (and totally doesn’t blend in, btw).

The aliens, on occasion, swoop into town in their metal spaceships and throw out these rope lassos from the sky and round up people, pulling them bungee cord style behind their spaceships.

Once aboard the mothership, the townspeople are forced to stare into the light for some sort of brainwashing before being dissected by the brutally disgusting aliens whose hands come out of their chests in this terriblby grotesque manner.

Amidst the squishy alien sound effects and sound of ripping flesh, I saw our youth – being plucked from our ranks and mesmerized/glamorized by the left and removed from rational thought and clarity. Our future hope is snatched up and indoctrinated into a culture hating what’s good and right.

And we are just sitting by, watching because we, like the cowboys in this movie, don’t know what the hell hit us and we’re not equipped with our 6-shooters and spurs to fight the flying saucers swooping down. Our arsenal is outdated and ill-prepared.

Wives, children, friends and family – people we love and trust — are being taken from our ranks because we aren’t ready to fight the battle and can’t refute the argument of the left effectively! We can possibly spout off a few Constitutional issues or even make them agree with us on a few of Obama’s faults, but we can not hold a conversation compelling enough to actually sway opinion. Therefore, the glitz and glamour of the left, coupled with the joyless, greedy cartoonish picture the left paints of us wins out almost every single time.

But thanks to Hollywood, even really crappy movies have good guys (and what I thought were really classy actors) … Step in, Daniel Craig. Craig’s character somehow escapes the alien dissection fate at the beginning of the movie, and he awakens in a dessert with a weird bracelet on his arm. He also has amnesia … and he teams up with Harrison Ford, whose son was also snatched, to try to figure out how to kick some major alien ass.

Through a fun ‘sipping of the Kool-Aid’ party with the Native Americans in the area (who also have had snatchings), Craig’s eyes are open to his past trauma and his love interest in the movie (Olivia Wilde) who dies earlier, is reborn, stepping NAKED out of a fire to once again join the good fight (yes … a sort of ‘savior’ thing going on here …sans clothes, to keep the men movie goers interested .. because seriously … this movie is bad …)

So what is our Kool-Aid, fellow conservatives? Come on, I know you’re wondering … I say it is truth, education and engagement. We don’t need peyote or ‘shrooms to make people see the light – we just need voices. We need courage and most of all we need to find our audience, engage it and keep it.

I’ve said before it’s really easy for us to continually preach to each other. But to actually get out there and make a stand for what we know to be right, in the middle of those who are already engaged and enraged, is a totally different story.

This is not a friendly business we’re talking about. We are going up against a contingent that’s mad as hell – AT US – for all the wrong reasons and they’ve been lied to. And while we are the victims of this, we have to take the offensive stance and step out of the victim zone to win this battle and win back support.

We have our email groups and we have our publications – our communities — we turn to in order to make sure we can all stay informed and to gain strength. But these safe zones are not the trenches – they’re our home base — a place for us to recharge and gain support and encouragement.

How are we literally stepping out of our comfort zones and interacting with the natives? (For the record, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were at first taken prisoner by the Native Americans … then, after the peyote Kool-Aid party, they decided to team up).

How are we supporting each other when the media picks one of us off, or when one of our very own sells us out? Do we run around in a state of confusion, unable to respond accordingly, or do we have our stuff together enough to stay armed and dangerous?

This is an area where the left has us beat. We are a seemingly unorganized lot. Sometimes our messages are scattered and disjointed. It’s not because we don’t have passion and desire – our ranks are overflowing with it. We just don’t know how to mobilize as a cohesive group. But we can figure this out – it’s just a matter of being educated in strategy and in psychological warfare.

We can’t continually fluster or retreat when we are challenged on a belief. We must keep our wits about us and stay a step ahead. We are less equipped when it comes to money, training and backing. BUT if living in America teaches us anything, it’s that the underdog can indeed win the battle.

So you get the gist of the flick, right? These high-tech aliens (the left) and the good-intentioned, raw-hide underdog cowboys (the right) engage in a battle for the ages and everyone expects the aliens will come out on top.

But through team work, training and a deep belief in what’s good and right, Daniel Craig with his shiny bracelet (which turns out to be a high-tech laser weapon he stole from the aliens pre-amnesia), along with Harrison Ford, totally kick it on horseback. Along with the Native Americans and a band of unwieldy outlaws, they force them to fly off into the sky. … And while it could end here, it doesn’t …

Olivia Wilde, the time-travelling, reborn, now clothed gun-blazing beauty, found a secret weapon. She hides inside the bowels of this disgusting space tower as it rips itself from the earth.

In another Christ-like reference, she looks upward while engaging this computer chip board and hugs it to her chest… and causes the ship to implode … annihilating the entire alien colony and saving the old west from lasso-swinging, body snatching aliens.

The significance? Really, I have to tell you?

A woman saved the world … and seriously … I think that’s pretty cool … (and I’m ready to do it, btw … are you with me?)


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2 thoughts on “Movie Redeems Itself (Kinda) In Left/Right Analogy

  1. I am with you all the way, Deanna! I too saw that stupid movie, and did fall asleep. The only worse movie I have seen recently was the one about the blue people, the name escapes me.
    One huge difference between the Marxists and real conservatives is that conservatives are able to recognize and speak the truth while the Marxists actually believe that they can make something true just by repeating it often enough.

  2. Conservatives are not as organized as liberals because Conservatism is about individualism whereas Progressivism is about mob conformity.

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