Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists”

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“Palling around with terrorists,” a phrase made famous by Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, has just risen to new heights in its accuracy with regard to Obama.

Palin Criticizes Obama’s ‘Terrorist’ Connection

Obama and Hillary Clinton are reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic fundamentalist group committed to the destruction of America, Britain and Israel and identified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. The Muslim Brotherhood creed:

“Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

“Jihad is our way” explicitly endorses the reinstatement of a worldwide Islamic regime.

Obama puts Israel on a list of countries that support terrorism while he supports the Hamas-ruled region of Gaza.

Obama began talks with the Taliban to negotiate with these terrorists.

Obama entertains despotic dictators in our White House. Obama rolled out the red carpet for one of the worst dictators – Gabon, Africa’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Human events reports that even the mainstream media noted the oddity of Obama’s June 9th welcome of this “unsavory despot.” “The family that has ruled the African nation of Gabon for decades has been accused of taking bribes, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars and presiding over a system rife with corruption, but that hasn’t stopped President Obama from inviting President Ali Bongo of Gabon to the White House Thursday, said ABC’s Brian Ross.”

Obama and Hillary Clinton now refer to the Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad, as a “reformer” while he continues his bloody rampage in Syria, ordering the slaughter of hundreds, if not thousands of Syrian protesters.

Obama supported the riots in Egypt which toppled any semblance of stability in the Middle East in order to usher in the formerly exiled Muslim Brotherhood members who will undoubtedly take power in Egypt… along with taking power over the advanced weaponry and military might that lies in waiting in Egypt.

Obama violated U.S. law by continuing the war in Libya in order to enact the “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine” which can eventually be used to justify an attack on America. Under the guise of a “humanitarian effort,” Obama is dropping bombs and supporting the murder of hundreds of civilians in Libya, with absolutely no U.S. interests at stake, in order to set a precedence which will permit the United Nations (UN) to take military action against any country they deem responsible for violating their loosely defined “humanitarian” rights. The UN’s sights are already on America, the UK and Israel and, as you’ll see in this video, the UN Chief applauds as America and her former (Pre-Obama) allies are classified as the real terrorist nations. Don’t forget that Iran is now backed by Russia and China – along with the military capabilities of both of those communist regimes. (Yes, Russia is still controlled by the communists).

Tehran hosts International Conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism

Obama criticizes Columbia while the Columbian government is fighting drug-smuggling Marxist guerrillas who are supported by Hugo Chavez. However, speaking of Venezuela’s Chavez, another unsavory despot, when Obama met him in 2009, few will forget the exchange of warm smiles, the power hand-shake and Obama’s acceptance of the America-bashing book Chavez gave him.

Obama showed his opposition to America when the majority of 9/11 families, New Yorkers and the American people were against the Ground Zero Mosque, but Obama endorsed and condoned its construction overlooking sacred ground where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Obama gave $2 billion to Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil – a former Marxist-Leninist urban terrorist – when he traveled to Brazil to visit her. While handing over American taxpayer dollars to Brazil, Obama has promised Dilma Rousseff that the U.S. will be their best customer… as Obama’s other pal and White House visitor, George Soros, invests in Brazil’s state-controlled Petrobras oil company and increases his holdings this year.

Obama gave the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, a platform in Congress to bash America for our immigration laws regarding those who cross our borders illegally. Obama also sued Arizona for trying to secure their border to protect Americans, and he’s aiding and abetting legal action against Arizona brought forth by other countries – yep, other countries. Obama also reported the U.S. to the UN Council for Human Rights Abuses because of Arizona’s SB 1070 legislation. No U.S. president in the history of our nation has ever done such a disgraceful and seditious thing to any state in our nation. By the way, take note that in an interview during Calderon’s visit to the U.S., he said that Mexico deports anyone entering their country illegally. Here’s a taste of Mexico’s laws on this subject:


Obama’s new pals – the ones he’s formed alliances with in the past 2 ½ years – speak volumes.

If you thought the pals we learned about during the last Presidential Campaign were bad, Obama has proven his ability to bring “palling around with terrorists” to a whole new level.

Back in 2008, it was domestic terrorists, racists, America-haters, anti-Semites, Marxists, Communists, Socialists, criminals, community agitators, thugs, radical far-left union leaders and Soros-funded organizations.

Since becoming President, Obama has alienated America’s closest allies and is in bed with the barbaric dictators and despots who hate America and are working vigilantly to overtly and covertly destroy our country and our way of life.

When Obama’s White House Press Secretary, James Carney, recently said, “Here in the U.S., we do not practice Guilt by Association,” it made me laugh to think that the Obama administration still believes the American people are asleep; that we’re actually dumb enough to accept their suppositions as fact – regardless of how outrageously false it is.

To give an elected official a pass because “we do not practice Guilt by Association” here in the U.S. is like saying Nixon didn’t do anything wrong; the Watergate break-in may have been conducted by people with whom Nixon associated, but since we don’t practice Guilt by Association in the U.S., Nixon had clean hands.

Vetting Obama now that he’s started his 2012 Presidential Campaign is crucial and because the lame-stream government-controlled media won’t do it, we’re going to do it. Palling around with terrorists and despots is something Americans need to know. Spread the word.


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5 thoughts on “Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists”

  1. I have great faith in the American people. While many might have voted for Obama in order to prove that they were not bigots, they did not listen to what he was saying during his campaign. He pretty much indicated what his intentions were – albeit in a muted way – but many chose not to listen.

    Everybody is listening now, and his losing the 2012 election is almost a certainty. Much to the western world’s relief, I’m sure of that.

  2. This is the first President that I know of who has radicals and former (or current, dependant on viewpoint), terrorists and anarchists on their staff and among the czars. They have only one overiding mandate, and that is the ending of the nation as we have known it…and replace it with a socialist or communist government based on a sole dictatorship or ring of ‘enlightened elite despots’ who make the choices for the ‘unwashed masses there.’

    When will people finally see the junk going on and realize what we are so close to losing now. Look at the results so far…

    Massive debt…
    Obama care…
    Education loans…
    Massive Corruption…
    Massive Voter Fraud…
    Agenda 21 being pushed…
    Out of control ATF
    Out of control DOJ
    A POTUS who circumvents established law when it is inconveinent.
    A POTUS who lied about the ongoing hostilities in Libya – ones in which we are still using AMERICAN TROOPS!!!

    Doubt the last one; look on the Air Force Times:

    So Mr Obama says we are not involved in combat operations in Libya, only NATO is, and who is most of NATO? AMERICA!!!

    This has to be the final and absolute last straw, impeachment and criminal prosecution in a criminal court not run by his flunkies for the crimes of Constitutional Violation and possible Treason against the American Law and People.

    1. William,
      Good post. You are indeed correct. The question remains does the GOP have the stones to call him on it or will they give him a pass for fear of creating a constitutional crisis?

      I fear for this great nation as do millions.

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