Southern California Considers Seceding from the Golden State

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

(credit: CBS)

Oh, we just all wanna be big rock stars… Actually, more to the point, some Southern Californians just wanna rock their state by seceding from California proper. Can’t say I blame them. California has morphed into the state of gangs, violence, drugs, taxes, perversion and regulation. The golden state is a little tarnished these days and has taken on a distinct Marxist bent.

Looks like the new South is about to rise if Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone gets his way – 13 counties will part ways with California and become the US’ newest state. Here are the counties:

  • Riverside
  • Imperial
  • San Diego
  • Orange
  • San Bernardino
  • Kings
  • Kern
  • Fresno
  • Tulare
  • Inyo
  • Madera
  • Mariposa
  • Mono

From CBS Los Angeles:

The creation of the new state would allow officials to focus on securing borders, balancing budgets, improving schools and creating a vibrant economy, he said.

“Our taxes are too high, our schools don’t educate our children well enough, unions and other special interests have more clout in the Legislature than the general public,” Stone said in his statement.

I like this guy. Give the man a cigar… The only thing that he wants that I disagree with is no term limits. Term limits keep politicians honest. However, they will have a part-time legislature and limits on property taxes. Great ideas.

Officials fear the cut will cripple the new cities of Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar. Too freaking bad! Time to slice and dice the budgets and survive. Cut and cap or get the hell out of the way…

Stone said he would present his proposal to the Board of Supervisors July 12. This guy actually gives a crap about his state. I applaud him. And guess what? CBS Los Angeles has a little ole’ poll on their site asking if Southern California should split from California proper. A whopping 88.47% say yes! Hot damn!! There is hope for America, after all.

Of course Governor Brown and his minions are less than enthused with this development:

“A secessionist movement? What is this, 1860?” Brown spokesman Gil Duran told The Press-Enterprise.

Hey, Gil… Maybe Californians should party like IT IS 1860, you Marxist freak.

Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster called Stone’s proposal a “crazy distraction.”

The only one that is “crazy” here Bob, is you and the other politicians driving California off a financial cliff in a suicidal Progressive frenzy. Why don’t you distract us some more by leaving and not letting the Golden State’s door hit you in the ass on the way out?

I’d wager Stone and most of California is sick and tired of waiting for their politicians to get their act together and balance their state’s budget. Never. Going. To. Happen.

“The temperature has gone up in Riverside County and it seems Supervisor Stone has gotten too much sun recently,” he added.

Sorry, Bob. It’s not too much sun, it’s fiscal sanity. More like your brain is fried from too much sun, sex and drugs. You should hang with Anthony Weiner.

Hey, California! Look what your money bought… Time to clean the temple.


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8 thoughts on “Southern California Considers Seceding from the Golden State

  1. Couldn’t happen. No one wants LA. Water alone will prevent this. SoCal is a desert. Without power and water from the Colorado river it will wither away and die, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. If there were a way that NorCal could have everything north of Yosemite and Monterey minus San Francisco, it might work. I’d be in favor of restarting the State of Jefferson AND North and South CA. Politically it won’t happen.

  2. I’d vote in a second for this, as long as there were Term Limits included in the deal! I think we’ve all learned our lesson on that one!! To get away from Gov Brown and his Liberal Minions would be Great!!

  3. I love it… a 51st state, with TWO REPUBLICAN U.S. SENATORS, and many of the former state’s electoral votes now going to the GOP presidential candidate. GO FOR IT!

    If Texas were to divide into five smaller states (as I suggest in my book, Colony 14), there would be up to 8 more Republican senators.

  4. There are areas of eastern AZ who would love to break away from the main state as well and found their own statehood to be the next in the union; I have to wonder, recall when Obama made the gaff of the number of states in the union (57? or so)?

    Does anyone wonder if him and his cronies are hoping that this may happen, to further divide the nation and make the possiblitly of a civil war style secession one more excuse for him to crack down even further?

    while the idea of new states being formed can be reasonable and good just also take into account the longer range openings for those power hungry mobsters in DC can take advantage of it for.

  5. Those are mainy conservative counties – So Cal conservatives will really like the split. There might be a fight against a new conservative state. But, I’m interested to see if there is a battle for who doesn’t want L.A. Nor Cal certainly won’t. They can hardly stand to identify with L.A. as it is. Us southern CAers don’t generally know that the northerners look down their noses on us like they do. Maybe it’s not ignorance, maybe it’s “who cares, dude, let’s go catch the waves”.

    1. These are not only mainly conservative counties (except for Laguna Beach and Santa Ana, the latter being about 50% illegals), these are also mostly donor counties – meaning that a huge amount of money goes FROM them TO Northern California’s schools and other expenses. Without this money, Northern California would find it much more difficult to practice their brand of liberalism.
      They would be like kids whose parents have taken the allowance and credit cards away.
      Bring on the vote to secede! (I’ll even throw in Los Angeles to join the “Yankees!”)

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