Adam Kokesh, Paid Russian Agent

Cliff Kincaid of USA Survival News confronts anti war activist Adam Kokesh, over his paid position with Moscow’s propaganda channel Russia Today.

Cliff Kincaid is one of the few journalists to take this issue seriously.

Russia Today is a virulently anti American propaganda channel, every bit as dangerous as Pravda or the Tass News Agency were during the Cold War.

Russia Today and its American shills, are effectively agents of an hostile power and should be treated as such.


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19 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh, Paid Russian Agent

  1. Well, it doesn’t take much to see that he’s bounced around quite a bit (which is a tactic of any con-artist)…first, they are “right on board” with you, and before you know it, you’re smoking DMT in a basement and supporting Obama…

    This douchebag with his anarcho-drug addict followers needs to go f*** himself… I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Adam Kokesh was working directly FOR the banking elite. He’s an avid supporter of bitcoin, the electronic ponzi scheme. That in itself should be enough for these people to see that he’s “one of the other guys”, but they’re so high on DMT and so busy trying to buy drugs from the “silk road” with bitcoins, (which they advocate is “perfectly safe due to the anonymity of bitcoin. Forget all about the fact that these “drugs” are shipped through a “state-run mail service” that are scanned for drugs daily. Unbelievable these f***ing idiots… I think the people that should be in jail find SOME way to make it there…

  2. I’ve been keeping a very good eye on Adam; it’s not very difficult as he’s an absolute beauty. I find that many of his youtubers generally keep him pretty honest and they’re not afraid to call him out on stuff he says or does that they disagree with. Adam is a bit radical but he’s only 30(another 10-15 years he’ll probably mellow out). Adam is very angry, he feels he believed in a lie, went to war to protect a cronyist, corporatist, mercantilist system as opposed to fighting a truly defensive war. He feels the government creates enemies and uses wars as an excuse to raid the resources of other nations as well as justify the expansion of it’s own power resulting in the erosion of civil liberties; he’s not wrong.

    When Adam was on his Christian bashing run, many felt he was dividing the Liberty movement and told him as much. You shouldn’t underestimate some of the people in the Liberty movement; they are getting their information from multiple sources via the internet and they are learning to form their own opinions or at least reserve their opinion until a later date. The Millenials are learning not to take things at face value; they’re looking for the truth, they want an honest, more just world; they’re idealistic.

    If my government would stop taking us to war every 5 minutes, every time a foreign government looks at us cross eyed or does something that displeases us, there might would be far fewer angry Adams running around out there.

  3. As much as it pains me I think the evidence is compelling. Think about who funded the anti war movement on the left in the 1960-70s. Now that movement has been castrated by and anti-war candidate who is now a pro-war president. The only viable anti-war party now lies in the Ron Paul movement. The Russian’s don’t like it at all that we are at their back door in nations they trade with frequently. Think about how the Russians have gone to bat for Iran among others. I like Adam. He ever read an article I wrote on the air during his show. But here are the facts. His livelihood depends on the government. Not only that, but a foreign government and not just a foreign government, but the Russian one. Home of the KGB and Pravda. The originators of social change through media and demoralization. He admitted to this openly that he is an employee of the Russian government. Therefore, no matter what you think of him personally, his message really cannot be trusted and anything he does should be watched closely. Just stop and think for a moment the scope of the problem if he is a paid agent/agitator. His power within the liberty movement grows by the day. Most would never suspect he could some day betray us. What if one of the most popular and famous leaders of the liberty movement were to be agent sent in to defuse or distract the movement. Do you not thing that this would be a worthy goal of those who seek to undo us? Think about Kokesh. His rise to fame has been meteoric in the movement. A congressional run, several public incidents involving his arrest, a quaint radioshow and now a lucrative TV show. All within 3 years. Now his fame is approaching Ron Paul’s who has been around for 40 years practicing what he preaches. I have a friend who posted something on Kokesh’s FB page asking, quite innocently, some questions about all of this. His post got removed and he was BANNED from ever posting there again. He then made a fake facebook page and went back and posted another questioning article or statement and tried his best to be as innocent and just curious, not malicious, in the post. Once again, deleted and BANNED. So we can dance at the Jefferson Memorial but you cannot have free speech on his FB page. Interesting indeed. I am not saying he should be made public enemy of our movement. I’m just saying. Consider not trusting him. You don’t know him, he has only a short public record of rhetoric and has been surprisingly successful in a very short time. Leave the jury in the chambers for a while. There is no harm in that. Let him earn your trust do not just hand it over blindly. There are people out there who have conned intelligent people out of their entire life’s earnings because the thought never even crossed their mind that the con artist was not who he said he was.

    1. Excellent comment. The jury is still out on Adam. It could be that Adam is just ambitious and doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of situtations that can get him a bit of celebrity; he wouldn’t be the first.

      I’m not exactly trusting of the “anti-war movement” but I do think the U.S. warmongers excessively. I like alot of Lew Rockwell’s points of view, but I don’t totally trust him either.

      They all have one thing in common, a visceral hatred for Israel.

  4. ^^ Well said, Gary. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing people spreading such ignorance with such passion.

    I’m so sick of misguided, tribalistic paranoia that sees everybody else in the world as an “enemy” that must be “defeated.” This disgusting mindset has become the basis for US foreign policy.

    As Ron Paul (and our founding fathers) said…Friends with all countries. Alliances with none.

    Lift your game, Trevor.

  5. Paul Craig Roberts, the Assistant Sec Treasury who founded Supply-Side Economics Theory and what people called Reaganomics, he’s often on RT too. So he must have switched from Reagan and embraced Communism too.

    Wayne Madsen, former NSA who exposed Obama’s and both his fathers’ long time history with CIA and MURDERING (alleged) COMMUNISTS BY THE MILLIONS IN INDONESIA, he’s on Russia Today too

    Geniuses, you guys.

    I have read ONE useful article I know of from Cliff Kincaid, and that was about Ali Mohammed of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda and the US Army (Ft Bragg) and FBI/CIA all at the same time. I have lost all respect for Kincaid now, outside of that one article.

  6. Look out, Myrtle, the commies are coming, the commies are coming!!!
    Kincaid, all you did was obviate your complicity in maintaining the (re-emerging) narrative that there is some relevance to the capitalist vs. communist paradigm which, from its very conception, was, and is to this day, entirely theater, concocted and foisted upon the American and Russian people by “certain” corporate and bureaucratic entities who stood to profit.
    Your ability to incorporate into your short hit piece on Kokesh (and RT) so many elements of the 25 rules of disinformation suggests to me that you are an educated man, however incomplete that education appears to be.
    As a veteran who killed other human beings because I once held your same PROPAGANDIZED viewpoint of the “forces in the world”, you’ll have to forgive me if I feel even more invigorated in my support for this young man and most especially his message, every time I see such ignorance spew forth.

    1. Russia Today is just an advanced version of Radio Free Europe and other dis-information channels used during the Cold War by the conspirators who control the U.S. to plant dissent on the Russian people’s minds by acting as if they were anti-communists. (Actually,both fascism and communism wewre created by Wall Street bankers). So, currently the American disinformers are getting just a dose of their own medicine from the Russian disinformers.

      Nevertheless, I think that it is much better to get disinformation from two different, opposing disinformational sources, than from a single one, particularly if that one is controlled by your own government. As a rule, think this way: Most of what RT says about Russia is a lie, and most of what it says about the U.S. is true. In the same fashion, most of what the New York Times says about the U.S. is a lie, and most of what it says about Russia is true. Obviously, we the people are much better informed having a diversity of liars at hand.

      On the other hand, seeing the hatred some people are manifesting against RT, and their efforts to ban it as a source of information, indicates that there is much truth in what they are saying.

      The goal of the NWO conspirators who control the U.S.mainstream press is a unipolar world under full spectrum dominance, and RT, as well as the internet, are big obstacles in their way to implement their communo-fascist NWO. Consequently, they will do whatever it takes to ban both.

  7. Adam Kokesh, Max Heiser I’ve seen both on RT and they are no more Commies than you or I are. Cant vouch for anyone else on the channel
    But I’ve not seen any leftist propaganda yet, just hard hitting reports and analysis that you dont get in the American media. Check out Max Heiser expalining Financial Terrorism, and then tell me who the real boogey-men are. .

  8. Remember the marxist mantra: “always preach true democracy but when they least expect it, seize power as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible (we will smash them with our clenched fist)”.

    Socialism is a totlal dictatorship. It comes complete with a secret police organization, gulags, and firing squads. Once you get it, you are stuck with it. They will not hesitate to kill you if you try to escape from it.

    Better open the package and look at the merchanise before you buy it.

  9. This guy is a hero of the left. He tries to act like he’s an anti-government activist or anarchist but he’s really a communist agitator American hater and traitor. It’s like the Anarchist students protesting in Britain for the government to pay for free college. I thought anarchist were for no government but they want the gov to pay for their schooling? Notice once again the labels are changing? It’s like liberals turn to progressives and visa versa to hide their socailist commie indentity.

  10. Indeed the marxists and progressives feel now that there is nothing to lose by being open for all to see, that people cannot or will not be able to stop their agenda, or they are running so scared that force and intimidation is the only thing they have left to use.

    Let the darkness be shown in the open and in the light for all to be able to see and recognize for what it really is.

    For in the knowledge of the truth of these people, can we truly see and understand what is meant by ‘the truth shall set you free.’

  11. The veil is off, as they say. At leftist leaning sites I now see open discussion of their Marxism, anti-semtism, and to some degree, communism. Astonishing.

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