Panetta Hearing for SecDef on Thursday: Obama’s CIA Director Linked to Spies Through Communist Party Figure

Leon Panetta

New research from writers and researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid shows that Leon Panetta, the CIA director being considered on Thursday for the position of Secretary of Defense, had a previously undisclosed personal and friendly relationship with Hugh DeLacy, a prominent member of the Communist Party USA. DeLacy visited such countries as China and Nicaragua and was himself a personal contact of identified Soviet spies Solomon Adler and Frank Coe and accused spy John Stewart Service. Panetta spoke at DeLacy’s memorial service, directed a series of letters to him personally as “Dear Hugh,” and placed a tribute to him in the Congressional Record.

Former Washington State Rep. DeLacy, named by Communist Party lawyer John Abt as a fellow member of the party, remained a communist operative until his death in 1986.

One “Dear Hugh” letter from then-Rep. Panetta to DeLacy offered a summary of a report on U.S. military operations that Panetta said was “unavailable for distribution.” Panetta concludes the March 24, 1977, letter, “If there is anything I can do for you in the future, Hugh, please feel free to call on me.”

The Panetta SecDef hearing is being held June 9 by the Senate Armed Services Committee at 9:30 a.m. in open session in Room SD-G50 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, with a closed session later in the day in Room SVC-217, the Office of Senate Security in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Like DeLacy, Panetta shared a preference for communist regimes in Latin America, including the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. DeLacy had visited Nicaragua and had honored the Sandinistas, who were pawns of the Soviets and Cubans in Central America, while Panetta, as a member of Congress in 1983, strongly opposed President Reagan’s effort to undermine the Sandinista regime through CIA covert action. In addition, Panetta actively collaborated with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Washington, D.C. think tank that provided a cover for Chilean Marxist and Cuban agent Orlando Letelier to conduct communist political influence operations in the nation’s capital. Panetta, a member of Congress from 1977 to 1993, was a vocal opponent of Chile’s anti-communist government. In 1986, Panetta publicly endorsed protests against Reagan’s “illegal and extraordinarily vicious wars against the poor of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.”

“Panetta’s bias in favor of revolutionary Marxist movements in Latin America helps explain why the CIA has been spectacularly unsuccessful in stopping the advance of Hugo Chavez and his minions south of the U.S. border,” Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid said in a joint statement. “His only apparent success as CIA director has been the killing of Osama bin Laden, an impressive operation that has nevertheless backfired in the sense of sending a nuclear-armed Pakistan into the arms of Communist China.”

“It is astounding that Panetta was confirmed as Obama’s CIA director without any of this being considered by the U.S. Senate,” Loudon and Kincaid went on. “But now that Panetta is set to move on to another critical national security post — Secretary of Defense — with new Senate hearings being held on Thursday, it is time to get all of this information out in the open. One of the most important matters that deserves scrutiny is Panetta’s apparent failure to be forthcoming about his personal relationship with DeLacy. It is time for the Senate to investigate this previously undisclosed relationship.”

Loudon and Kincaid, writers and researchers on national security issues, have assembled critical information about Panetta from important sources that have apparently been overlooked by Senate investigators and even FBI agents who investigated Panetta’s background. Among these sources, Loudon reviewed the Hugh DeLacy papers at the University of Washington, while Kincaid examined hearings conducted on “Communist Political Subversion” by the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities and “Un-American Activities in California” by the California Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities.

“When this information is examined in context,” Loudon and Kincaid stated, “it is clear that Panetta, whose nomination to be CIA director was considered mystifying even to those in the intelligence business, has been a key component of a network of left-wing activists and socialist organizations for over two decades. These individuals and groups include not only Hugh DeLacy and his communist associates but the communist-dominated Progressive Party, Democratic Socialists of America and the neo-Marxist New American Movement. Panetta, in short, was a player in the network that sponsored the political career of a young Barack Obama in Chicago. This helps explain why Panetta was picked, seemingly out of nowhere, for the CIA job.”

(Loudon, who runs the New Zeal blog, and Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, Inc. , specialize in researching and reporting on anti-American extremist political movements with foreign connections, funding, and sponsorship.)

For further information contact Trevor Loudon on 202 506 8733 and/or

For back up documentation go to


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110 thoughts on “Panetta Hearing for SecDef on Thursday: Obama’s CIA Director Linked to Spies Through Communist Party Figure

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  6. So now he is in Pakistan, insulting them and driving them further in the the arms of Beijing. So what’s next? How about the dismantling of NATO and killing the Missile Defense as the SECDEF.

  7. If you were to point this out to a liberal, all they would do is call it a lie made up by the racist GOP. They could careless what the facts are. All the average liberal in America is concerned with is Obama’s skin color. As long as it doesn’t change, they don’t care!

  8. My logically functioning neural synapses dictate I reply, “So What”.
    My emotionally driven liberal connections (Barely formed)says hang the loon. The existence of liberals provides prima facie evidence that sub human brain damaged creatures can survive outside the womb though the world would be a better place without them. Moderates advocate leaving them (libs/commies) alone, which is why moderates define “The Most Gutless Choice”. I conclude that anybody who knows anybody who speaks to a liberal MUST be exiled to Cuba or Venezuela.

  9. James Jesus Angelton left the door open in 1975 for the Synarchists to coopt the 4000 plus unemployed CI spooks for Brzezinski to gooble up for the CFR bottom-line in his regionalized USA now being transformed into the present one world institution trip; and leaving the 435 Congressional whores owned by the synarchists guaranteed more power every ten years over more and more sheeple so that now we have gone from one house member for 30000 to what 1 per 720000 now?

    Notice that the Jesuit trained ring kisser Boehner even refused to allow that portion of the Constitution Article one to be read. There is no difference between the Pelosi and Boehner model of ring kisser as they serve the synarchist ring knocker crowd.

    Panetta, Hillary, Mueller, Daly, Napolitano are all SMOM members punching the clock for the Georgetown Jesuits and CSIS program to bring about the Med Union and Caliphate without nationalism getting in the way. Check out Leon’s Jesuit credentials. Marx afterall worked for the Jesuit in the Brtish Museum he had to feed his family and the Utopiuan trip fit the bill alll around. “Social Justice” was a term coined by Fr. Taparelli SJ in service of the Jesuits right through Fr. Pietro Tacchi Venturi SJ control over Antonio Gramsci – forget about Marx that is a deadend trip if you want to find out who Panetta is check the Jesuits and SMOM

  10. @William:

    The communist party may be seen by many as a legitimate party for the political views; and in America for now they still have their liberty to express the view, yet the great majority of Americans reject the very core principles of the communist, socialist, marxists and progressive progresses and ideals.

    These people seek to destroy and undermind anything smacking of the individual liberties and guaranteed freedoms embodeied in our very own Constitution and the Bill of Rights; they view these things as a negative contract – of what the government cannot do.

    The views they hold of a select elitist band being able to decide all the decisions for the masses is anethama to the freedoms we hold here; this land allows anyone to dream and strive to make the dream a reality if they chose to go for it. It does not guarantee the success of the dream, just the opportunity to make it happen and to enjoy the fruits of your labors in making the success real.

    Given the choice between government having absolute dominion over each and every aspect of our lives; and the freedoms and duties to preserve those same freedoms – most will pick the American we have and fight for each and every day.

    Socialism and Communism are failed and dead systems proven to not work at all.

    Only in a true Republic with liberty, guaranteed rights and chances in life, and the freedom to chose our path, can true prosperity and happiness be found.

  11. The communist party is a respected political party in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is a legal political party in America. It seeks political change through the ballot as does any other political party. They hold a world view that that the rich exploit the poor and that given time this process (called “dialectical materialism”) will lead to financial crises, impoverishment of working people and wars – precisely what HAS happened under the management and aegis of capitalists and “free market” thinkers. Perhaps THAT is the reason they have been a “canard” of opportunistic politicians down through history???? Perhaps its because what Karl Marx predicted has come true. Crises after crises after crises.

    1. “The communist party is a respected political party in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is a legal political party in America”

      They may be legal but they are nothing but sneaks. Obama is a communist but he did not run as a communist. They call themselves anything but communists. Progressive, community organizers, Democrats etc. Never communist. People would not vote for them if they identified themselves as communists. Thus they do everything surreptitiously. You’d think the voters would be smarter, but

    2. “Crises after crises after crises”

      Yeah. Caused by Socialists and Communists.

      Communist Cuba is a closed system, making it a perfect example of what happens to economies under Communism. They’ve recently begun to allow some free market activity in order to alleviate their national poverty. Probably because they have seen it work in China.

      Globalism, though a mixed bag for the US, and not entirely a free market system, has nonetheless raised numerous nations out of poverty. Replace it with a world Communist system, and the world economy would collapse almost over night.

  12. Well, once again ideology & party loyalty, trump allegiance to America. Sort of like the “Lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy who offered to give the Russians “inside” information on Reagans positions during the SALT talks, in order to de-rail Reagan. Do they ever loose it ? The Communist party was recognized early on as a major threat to our contry, whether it is internal or external in nature.

    1. Ted Kennedy is relevant to bring up to illustrate the dangers of deluded left-leaning politicians such as Panetta. The book “Dupes” by Paul Kengor is a great book for further context and perspective. Thank you Trevor Loudon for all of your great and important research!

  13. Do your research. Community Organizer is the acceptable term for
    “COMMUNIST ORGANIZER”. Its a more sellable term for spreading Communism. Just like “Gay” is a more acceptable term for homosexual. It just sells better.
    Barack Hussein Obama would never have been elected by saying he was a Communist Organizer. But that’s exactly what he is.
    Barack Hussein Obama never carried a box of food to anyone in a Community not even a loaf of Bread.
    Communist/Community Organizers segregate communities by first giving money to a “group” then requiring that group to “VOTE” like he tells them. Then the “group” most go out and into the community and spread “Communist Propaganda/lies”. Forming even larger Voting Blocks. Votes equal power and power gives access to Public Funds which fund more voting blocks which create more power, etc.

    1. A better term is “Communist Agitator”. It’s more descriptive of what they do. They are demagogs (exploiters of fear and bigotry) who whip up crowds with exaggerations, half truths and lies.

  14. Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration, White House, Czars, all have Communist ties and affliations. Are all American Citizens Brain Dead? Look where he came from. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, The Weather Underground, The Woods Fund, Rev Juraliar Wright’s Black Racist Church, PLO Terrorist Groups Sponsored by the above, and Barack Hussein Obama has NOT NOT presented a Birth Certificate that proves he is a USA Citizen.
    The last Birth Certificate is FRAUD. Even an amatuer can see that.
    Bill Ayers bragged about his ability to produce 1000’s of fradulent Identifications and Fraudulent “Birth Certificates”.

  15. The Communist Party may be legal but that does not address the issue: Constitutional officers such as Panetta take an oath of office to defend the US Constitution. A Communist cannot take that oath without committing perjury, since the Communist goal is replacing constitutional government with a dictatorship. Panetta’s relationship with Communists constitutes probable cause for an investigation. What is the Senate going to do? What is the House going to do? Where is Joe McCarthy, when we need him?

  16. “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” -Bernardine Dohrn (Bill Ayres wife & friend of the Obamas, commenting about the murder of Sharon Tate)

    I don’t have any communist friends, never will, and don’t understand how anyone can. They are as antithetical to free men and free minds as the Ebola virus is to human health, yet they are welcomed with open arms by our Ivy League universities, where they poison the minds of our young people with hatred for America.

  17. Ron Paul is linked to jihadists throughout the world, in addition to the propoganda he spews against America every day. Why don’t we arrest him alongside Panetta, you great patriotic Americans of the right?

  18. This should immediately stop any ambitions of him wanting to be anything in Americas government. He should also be removed from the CIA.

    And what if any intel has he given to other countries that will hurt us in the future??

    And with all this, obozo is still laughing at the American people.

  19. So how did we get here? Do you think it could be that we have been lied to and deceived by the very people we have put our trust in? Absolutely. Where do all the lies come from? The main stream media of course. Who controls main stream media? Jews of course. Would we be in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without the media lying to us day after day? Not hardly. Would we give Israel 3 billion in cash and 25-30 billion in additional aid if we weren’t constantly fed the lie that Israel is our fried? No way. Would we be bailing out the too big to fail Wall Street thieves if the Federal Reserve and the too big to fails weren’t all Jewish? Would we be constantly fighting to preserve our individual liberty if it weren’t for 9/11 being used as a pretext for creation of the Patriot Act? How many Israelis were arrested by the FBI after 9/11 and why weren’t the Mossad agents arrested driving a moving van full of explosives toward the George Washington bridge on 9/11 only held 9 week and then released only to go on Israeli TV and brag that they were only here to document the event. I apologize to all of the Jews that are insulted by these statements and are not a part of the conspiracy to destroy America, but you need to understand one very important point. These Zionist traitors that are behind this treason will surely throw you to the wolves with the rest of us. Proof of this is historical fact. Read the book, “The Transfer Agreement” author Black. A detailed account of Zionist selling out their countrymen to save their own skins after Hitler came to power. You might also take the time to look into Zionist in England and their funding of Hitler’s rise to power.

  20. No surprise here. Politics in the US has dwindled down to a contest between parties to see which can escape the constitution and eventually gain enough power to perform the “bloodless coup”. A bloodless coup only means that those in power concede it to another without a fight. It does not mean the public will not suffer at the hands of the new power. This should be taken in consideration of the fact that both current parties are well outside the law already and one is making leaps to lay the “legal” framework for a new government. The latest revelation from the left is that they expect civil unrest but are playing it as a partisan ploy not a reaction to the function to the government as a whole. Don’t be surprised to see the feds start beefing up the DHS and their “fusion centers” with ready access to battle trained troops whose jobs policing people in Iraq and Afghanistan was actually designed to be government enforcers. All that remains for the coup to be final is for someone in congress to take the podium and admit what is already in practice, the government can and will not be held to account in any court unless it intends to purge itself.

  21. The Communist Party USA was an agent of the former Soviet Union and received Soviet funds to further their agenda in the USA.
    The basic approach of the CPUSA is to focus on the most militant unions and members and to build alliances within the black and latino communities by pushing them to the left.
    The election of Barack Obama in 2008 was the first fruits of this strategy. From Frank Marshall Davis to Harold Washington, Obama worked closely with Marxists and “progressives” who want to transform the free enterprise economy of the USA into a welfare state run by government bureaucrats.
    That’s why the CPUSA endorsed Obama because he is on their team.

    1. for the last several elections the website for cpusa and the democrats have had the same platform points.

  22. Don’t expect much from O’Reilly except for hot air. He serves more to suppress the truth now than to reveal it. Gotta love that screening process they have at the CIA. For the average citizen the process is brutal, but for the elites there is nothing to it at all.

  23. Why would anyone be surprised? This sort of thing started with the traitor, Bill Clinton, AKA Wiliam Jefferson Blythe. The Demoncraps have surrounded themselves with Commie/Nazis. Everyone associated with the current criminal in the White House is anti-America. They are working hard to destroy this country and to turn it into another Russia or Nazi Germany or combination thereof.

  24. So what if he is friends with someone who is a communist.

    I’m sure you are all friends with questionable people. There are, I am sure, all kinds of criminals who come on GLP. So that makes you an associate with criminals! Woah! you must be a criminal!

    anyone who calls this administration as a “Regime” is a racist scumbag!

    1. sorry, i pick my friends carefully

      and the race card is getting old this administration IS A REGIME

      Allen West/ Hermain Caine for President 2012 !!!!!!!!!!

    2. See what 50 years of dumbed down education has produced. “We the People” are now braindead. We’re screwed!

      1. Not all of us are ‘braindead’ as you put it; for the last 15 years I have been warning people of the dangers in sight, and only now are they realizing the same. Some of us have been called to the task long before as the watchmen – now others also have to take up the call and prepare for the storm that is here.

    3. I’ll tell you “So what…?” Obviously, Questionman (I question your intelligence), you’ve never had or applied to have a Top Secret clearance. Back in the day (before the communists apparently took over the government), if you were up for a Top Secret clearance – and anybody applying to work for the CIA had to be investigated for such a clearance – personal relationships, even casual acquaintenances, with suspected Communists, Communist sympathizers, citizens of Eastern Bloc nations, etc., would be enough to get your clearance held up for A VERY LONG TIME, if it was even granted at all! Consorting with a known Communist agent would get you immediately disqualified for a clearance and you would never get near the inside of CIA headquarters (or NSA, DIA, NGA, NRO, etc.). It’s a travesty that this man Panetta, an associate who apparently had a close personal relationship with a Communist agent (DeLacy), is even allowed to have any level of government clearance at all! I can tell you that were it you, I, or anyone else on this board that had such a history, we wouldn’t get past the gate of any Top Secret government installation. There’s something very wrong here, too bad most U.S. sheeple won’t wake up and see it for what it is…

      1. As a twenty year Navy vet I can vouch for your statement re security clearance paperwork……”ARE you now or have you ever been a member of any of the following organizations or clubs”…… and what followed was a list including the John Birch Society. I still have a copy of that paperwork. Just for shits and giggles, check out the black caucus members who are known to associate with or avow socialist leanings.

    4. Why because we disagree with it’s MARXIST intents and his dictator like behavior?

      I don’t know what is to the left of MARXISM, but if obamantion gets his way and gets another term as usurper-in-chief, we will find out.

  25. Trevor and Cliff…

    Excellent research. Did you send it to members of the Senate Armed Services Committee prior to their meetings today?

    Thanks for all the real investigative work that you do! This certainly explains a lot. It is mind boggling how the Leftists have gotten into the most important positions in our country.

    This information should be sent to all senators and reps. Will do my part.

    1. McCarthy was all over this. He was hot on their tails and they were already positioned in such high places then. That is why they were able to derail him.

  26. Bill O’Reilly is a big mick blowhard, given to doing what Celtic trolls do best–opining, based on nothing more than their own grossly inflated egos with very little basis in actual fact. It’s an Irish “thang”, and its why they can kill children in the name of Christ while invoking their “sainted mither”.

    1. Irish “thang?” Pray tell me how my Foley ancestors managed to have children without killing them, nor have I done away with my own little darlings. I’m sure we’re all interested in the very new revelation that the Irish kill children. I do agree that Bill O’Reilly has an ego as large as he is tall, but do go on, Mr/Mrs/Miss Fung. I can’t wait to hear this explanation.

  27. TREASON!! TREASON!!! How long is this travesty going to continue!?! Thanks to 50 years of dumbed-down public education and cultural hedonism, the American people, diluted and polluted by illegal aliens, are as helpless as a toddler playing with the poop in his diaper!!! The MSM, congress and the courts have been effectively neutered by malignant political correctness, the intoxication and intimidation of “brown” skin, and fear of a race war!! The ONLY hope is a military revolt!! Some brave high-ranking general has to stand before a microphone and declare this monstrosity squatting in the WH unfit for duty and relieve him of command!!! This would nullify the race issue and create the kind of national convulsion the MSM, congress and the courts could NOT ignore!!

  28. Can’t wait until 2012. Many of us have been taking names, and there will be prosecutions to follow. DC is going to be a ghost town once all the Democrat seditionists find themselves in prison with big, ornery boyfriends!

    Can’t wait. You think this is a frigging joke? Keep hoping. Soon, soon, my friends. Be very afraid.

  29. I remember even back in 2007, criminals within the law such as Panetta, Geithner, Bernanski and others were being exposed for the crooks they are on the Ralph Schoenn`s radio program. And now in 2010, look where these luciferian agents find themselves. What a disgrace this administration is!

    1. Obama’s mother worked with Tim Geithner’s father in Indonesia for the Ford company. Explains how the tax cheat got HIS job. Wonder what Timmy boy could tell us? Read “Where’s The Birth Certificate” by Jerome Corsi.

  30. Surely no one would be surprised that Obama/Soetoro or whoever he is would appoint a Communist to head the CIA and then be Secretary of Defense. Obama is himself best of friends with many who are Marxist/Communist and has appointed them throughout his regime.

    When you are friends with terrorist and have had many family members who were Communist, why would if be surprising you would continue to surround yourself with the same people once the presidency was successfully usurped?

    Obama is a fraud in total, there is no one who doesn’t at this point realize that is the case, but they are all afraid of the regime.

    The Senate will do nothing but confirm Barry’s choice.

  31. Bravo on the diligent efforts of Cliff and Trevor!

    The ridiculous historical saga continues as America and Western Civilization sink deeper down the Rabbit Hole into utter mass delusion and insanity.

    Maybe if Helicopter Ben prints some more money then everything will be OK. NOT!

    Somewhere here it’d be nice if a few folk grow a spinal chord, read the writing on the wall and exclaim, “NO MORE!”.

    Barack Obama and Leon Panetta are REPRESENTATIVE MISLEADERS that America has brought upon itself in the twilight of its historical presence. Soon America will be gone, buried in the ruble of its own arrogant stupidity while Evil was strategically shaping the demise of the free world.

    So what is an effective counter-strategy? I sincerely believe God had a fool-proof plan all along. But I’m crazy….right?!


  32. We need to send Trevor out on more outings ….

    This should be published in major newspapers across the country. …

      1. @CurleyUS, Your brilliant statement has nothing to do with the subject. No one suggested being a communist was illegal. Your deductive conclusion from the inductive point of the article is completely irrelevant. You might try to reason with a little more precision before you make an argument. You are however in good company with the current power structure in Washington. They typically connect the dots before they even understand what the subject matter is. The goal isn’t to achieve clarity, it’s to win the ideological war they are waging.

      2. Should someone who has access to state secrets be subject to intense scrutiny? If he or she has friends who are Communists, should he or she still have such access?

        Yes. We have freedom of association in this country (as opposed to Communist-ruled countries). That is a GOOD thing, and no one here is asking that Panetta go to jail for his associations.

        The question goes deeper than that, Curley. Does the Communist Party seek to undermine and destroy the Constitutional Republic of the Founders? Yes. If you read their literature, you will see CLEARLY that they want a COMMUNIST government — which is why they join the Communist party.

        Now should someone who has access to some of the most vitally SECRET state secrets have close relationships with someone with overt ties to Communism? And if that person has had close ties with a known Communist and has shared material in the past with that known Communist — even though that Communist Party member is now deceased — should that person be the head of the CIA???? Or the Secretary of Defense????

        I SAY NO.

        Curley, you’ve probably tuned out by now, but you really should read Whittaker Chambers’ book “Witness” as well as the old “None Dare Call It Treason.” This kind of connection has been going on at top levels of our government for many decades. Wm Wieland, who KNEW Castro was a Communist, helped — as part of our State Department — Fidel destroy that small island. Che executed many people without benefit of trial and wrote about how much he enjoyed murdering people.

        So these small matters of “association” DO MATTER. Big Time. And not just to us, but also to people in other parts of the world.

        I’m not saying Panetta IS a Communist. Not at all. I assume he isn’t. But we must, as a Republic, understand Communism and the way it operates.

        1. The fact that the Communists wish to replace our Constitutional Republic with a Communist form of government means that they are enemies and traitors and should be immediately arrested, tried, convicted, and quickly executed after having 30 minutes with the preacher.

        2. Curly and his pals would probably also have seen nothing wrong with appointing people with high level Nazi connections during WWII. Useful idiots.

      3. Then they should just associate in Hell With each other they deserve it….We are not a Democracy WE are a REPUBLIC…….and not in America………Communists and Socialists are hot welcom here,……. along with Marxists……..

      4. No, but treason is and as Elia Kazan once said, anyone who is a communist is a willing participant in a conspiratorial movement. Maybe not as much of one now but still…

    1. Everybody in the federal government is a crook. Crooks go where the money is, and there is more money in the federal government than anywhere else. There may be a few who are honest, but they are very few. If you examine who voted for Obama, you’ll find a lot of dead people and babies among them. There were many charges of voter fraud, but the government won’t investigate them.
      All citizens should be aware that we do not have to obey any law or order of any kind that violates the constitution. If it does not obey the constitution, it is an illegal law, and we are under no obligation at all to obey illegal laws. We should file charges against anybody in the government who disobeys the constitution. If we throw some of them in jail, the rest will settle down. It’s time we did it. If we wait much longer, it will be too late, and we’ll lose it all. When they begin a serious effort to take away our right to own, possess and carry guns, they are guilty of conspiracy to violate the constitution and/or our civil rights, and that is illegal, anyway you look at it. Fight back, folks. Don’t let these crooks get away with destroying the greatest nation that has ever existed on the earth. Our freedom…and the freedom of the whole world…depends on us.

  33. Once again we see the pattern of the administration: Put into those key positions of power the radicals, extremists, socialist and the communist allies and cronies you need to.

    Once entrenched each then can finish the ongoing transformation of each and every part of the government into a totalitarian regime in which an ‘enlightened elite’ rule over the ‘clueless masses.’

    So the one question remaining is how long until Obama decides to go for broke and put everything on the line for one massive push to bring down everything into the socialist and progressive nets being forged of steel.

  34. More Communist links in the Obama regime. Where is the J Edgar Hoover when we need him. The FBI has become a patsy under Bug Sis Napalitano.

  35. Great work again Trevor and Cliff! Bill O’Reilly has historically been a staunch defender of Panetta saying “I know Leon.” I wonder if Mr. O’Reilly will open his mind a bit to the truth of Mr. Panetta’s associations and perhaps draw a conclusion or two based on current events.

    1. Probably not. Mr. O has been in a fog about many things about current events. He uses the stories to fill segments. He doesn’t put things together like Beck does. I went to a Bold Fresh show, Oreilly was NOT willing to do a meet&greet, but Beck was. That should show you the character of the gentlemen.

      If Beck had the 8:00 time slot, he would double O’Reilly’s ratings.

    2. Panetta is in dangerous territory as JFK was caught by the CIA to be discussing the daily CIA briefings with the Kremlin which is why JFK was assassinated by the CIA with the approval of VP LBJ, FBI head J Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles fired CIA head and the Joint Chief’s of Staff. 4 Marseille hitman were hired thru Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and met at Montreal airport by Jack Ruby from Chicago who brought killers to a Detroit safe house and then Dallas. Lucien Sarti behind the picket fence finished off JFK and fled to Mexico City by bus where he was killed in 1972 by police during a drug raid. Is Panetta in for a similar fate?

      1. Ref:”…as JFK was caught by the CIA to be discussing the daily CIA briefings with the Kremlin which is why JFK was assassinated…”
        Probably the #1 reason why JFK was assassinated was he wanted to bring back the silver certificate (and eventually bring back the gold standard). Here’s what Colonel James Gritz had to say:

        “When Kennedy called for a return of America’s currency to the gold standard, and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve System — he actually minted non-debt money that does not bear the mark of the Federal Reserve; when he dared to actually exercise the leadership authority granted to him by the U.S. Constitution . . . Kennedy prepared his own death warrant. It was time for him to go.” ~ Colonel James Gritz

        1. I agree with this synopsis. This what got Loncoln killed too.

          JFK issued an executive order authorizing the issueance of 5,000 UNITED STATES NOTES in $5.00 denominations in attempt to reduce the debt and save th4e taxpayers some money.


      2. I would like to see some documented roof of your claims about Panetta……..I wouldn’t doubt it…. but… when you are plainly stating facts instead of opiniond, you need to have some proof to show…..for any thinking person, don’y ya think Put it out for every one to see………..


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