2 thoughts on “NJ Union Leader: ‘It’s Going to Take World War III to Get Rid of Adolph Christie’

  1. If the unions want to go to war, I will more than happy to meet them on the field of battle and accommodate their wishes; however, once those communist union scumbags get a taste of combat, they will very quickly come to understand the meaning of retrograde operations!

  2. Typical liberal ignorance. Hitler was only opposed to MARXIST controled unions that operated to obstruct and destroy a capitalist national economy. An example was a munitions factory strike during WW 1 which consigned front line troops to certain death and cost Germany the war.

    The official title of the nazi party was “NATZIonalistic socialist German WORKER’S PARTY”. The whole nazi party itself was one giant labor union, but it was directed to enhance and strengthen the German national economy. Hitler wanted to restore the German Reich. He devoted an entire chapter to the need for labor unions in Mein Kampf.

    Marxist unions are only opposed to opposition to THEIR communist unions. The ordained purpose of marxism is to destroy capitalism.

    The same modus-operandi was exerted in the Viet-Nam war protest movement. These protestors were all communists, or pro communist. They were not protesting “war” per-se, but an “unjust war” which opposed the advance of the communist cause, just like Mao-Tse-Tung told them to do in 1938, saying “We communists do not oppose “just” wars (those which advance communism), but actively particpate in them”.

    Hitler was a choir boy compared to Joe Stalin and Mao-Tse-Tung, etc.

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