Joelle Fishman: Top Communist Speaks on 2012 Elections

Joelle Fishman of Connecticut heads the Communist Party USA Political Action Committee – the body charged with promoting the Party’s political agenda through election cycles, mainly in conjunction with the Democratic Party.

Note Fishman’s references to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Bernie Sanders (both long time allies of the Communist Party) and the fawning support of Barack Obama, once claimed by Communist Party leader Sam Webb, as a Party “friend.”

In this recent interview with senior Party member Joel Wendland, Fishman touches on most aspects based on the Communist/Democrat agenda – labor union tactics, “social movements,” recall efforts, African-Americans, Latinos, youth, women, immigration “reform,” “single payer” healthcare, etc.

If you want to know what the Democrats will do tomorrow, listen to what the communists are saying today.


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3 thoughts on “Joelle Fishman: Top Communist Speaks on 2012 Elections

  1. Indeed information is power; to be forewarned of your enemies actions and guidance, is to be empowered to stop them in their own tracks.

    Sun Tzu said in the Art of War – To know oneself and to know your advesary is to be victorious in 100 battles.

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