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  1. How can I take her seriously when she is obviously angry beyond reason. Look for dirt on anyone and you will find it. If what she says is true I would expect a more sincere attempt to reveal it, not a woman (with an obvious chip on her shoulder for MEN, period) dressed in a uniform in front of the American flag ranting, name calling, and making sarcastic jokes about someone she thinks she knows like her own neighbor. I would expect this kind of rant on Saturday Night Live. Mitt Romney is NOT Obama, he has stated emphatically that Romneycare is NOT the answer for our country. He doesn’t apologize because he felt it was the best thing for Massachusetts, not the whole country. I cannot take truth from someone who tries to cram their “truth” down your throat in anger (or contention, if you will).

    @ Tzipi Goldberg – There is only one thing to do when you turn from the truth, and that is fight against it because there is nowhere else to go. “And thus we can plainly discern, that after a people have been once enlightened by the Spirit of God, and have had great knowledge of things pertaining to righteousness, and then have fallen away into sin and transgression, they become more hardened, and thus their state becomes worse than though they had never known these things.” (Alma 24:30). I sincerely hope that you cease kicking against the pricks and return to the merciful arms of Jesus.

    It is no coincidence at all that Romney’s religion is always brought up as if it somehow is a disqualification for candidacy. How about we all take a meander of Article VI of our constitution that forbids Religious Test for public office… wake up people.

    The TRUTH will prevail.

  2. Nice to see someone else taking the bull by the horns. Extremism in defense of liberty is not a vice but a virtue. Anything less will see liberty dismantled and a tyranny erected.

    Mormonism is an off shoot of freemasonry, a Luciferian religion. Masons advocate Lucifer’s, “universal brotherhood of man” (communism). “Nations” are founded upon principels of “unity”, not diversity, which is a divde and conquer strategy. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Lucifer is presented as a “god of BENEVOLENCE” who excuses every description of abomination. The Christian God (Adonay) is considered an intolerant “biggot”.

    This Luciferian “pluralistic” society is a direct attack on national patriotism; which flag will you defend? Someone who stands for nothing will fall for anything. A society made up of hostile groups all hateing each other will self destruct. It’s now happening here.

    This country is made up of diverse groups all BECOMING “ONE”, not out of one, many. Americans are all united in the same founding principles laid down by our Founders. If they are unwilling to accept that, they have no business being here. This country was not founded for them.

    I am amused with mason’s obsession with “seeking more LIGHT”. The word “lucifer” means “light bearer” in English (luc-ferrous). Beware of “enLIGHTened ones, or il-LUMINAT-ed ones. Their age of en-LIGHT-enment has produced nothing but reigns of terror unequalled in history.

    The only “People’s Revolution” that has benifited mankind was the American Revolution (dedicated to God).

    I believe Romney is an agent of Lucifer’s “internationalism”. Ask him if he is still “seeking more LIGHT”? My God is the “CREATOR” of the universe, not merely the great “architect of the universe”.

  3. Well done. Ann made valid points. I understand her passion for reasons of my own, only a few of which I will disclose here, but of which there are more than just these few reasons.
    I have long-said Romney lacks integrity based on his belief system, which Ann does not cover here, but as an ex-LDS member, raised up in THE CHURCH, I know they are not pro-life, and their marketing about being pro-family is just that, excellent marketing. It is a lie that Mormons believe in wholesome family values, preferring to keep the reputation of THE CHURCH sacrosanct over the Emotional and physical well-being of spouses and children, hiding incest, adultery, pedophilia, predators and financial fraud.
    They have very high use of anti-depressants and high suicide rates. Why would they not when THE CHURCH condones hiding abuse and fraud? It is an emotionally abusive religion. Thinking persons are to keep their questions to themselves, and regularly, if not daily, recite the “Approved” mantras of THE CHURCH.
    As a convert to Judaism, I am thankful this is not Germany, circa WWII. LDS believe in keeping most of the laws of the land (exceptions: pedophilia, spousal abuse, incest, rape, fraud), and would be the first to answer the calls to service in the SS to carry out the laws of the land against Jews, and any other govt authorized targeting of groups.
    They really have no respect for the sanctity of life of those outside THE CHURCH, and too little of it within.
    LDS will always be on the side that is in power because their prophets tell them to honor their political leaders. “12. We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.”
    LDS have their own set of values, superficial ones at that. They believe in The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine & Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. Their belief in the bible is limited by their “Thirteen Articles of Faith,” “8. We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly;…” That article used to say “by man.” When you have the “only true church on Earth and the only living prophet” you can change things as the prophet gets his revelations straight from G-d.

    Mormons are very brainwashed, which is great for evil people who hide behind THE CHURCH’S sanctuary. Members are not to gossip, even if that means telling someone they were beaten by a spouse, molested or raped by a member, or financially defrauded.

    THE CHURCH maintains control by making it THE CENTER of their members’ lives. It is strictly frowned upon to venture outside the confines of THE CHURCH.

    Would you want your loved one confined in this seemingly friendly, but virtual prison like environment?
    Most members do not genuinely believe in THE CHURCH, therefore, rather than be fully honest with themselves, they continue their chosen self-deception and repeatedly recite the approved, proscribed mantra: “I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and in the prophet Joseph Smith….”
    I personally theorize that this practice of continued self-deception is one reason for their high incidence of depression & suicide, as well as the subjugation of women, and the various abuses and fraud that occurs within the safety of the hidden confines of THE CHURCH.
    I been a victim of the abuses & watched reprehensible behaviors among some of the members, including a bishop I knew, having multiple sexual affairs with married women in THE CHURCH. THE CHURCH squashed that scandal, too.
    The opposite of what the well put together marketing campaign portrays as THE FACE OF THE CHURCH is the reality for far too many in THE CHURCH. The 2nd class citizenship of women and female children is not harmless. Just as bad, the women will keep other women in line, using pecking order tactics. It is sad, sad, sad. I wouldn’t wish this on any girl child.
    I myself have a devout LDS brother who at age 9, when I was 12, attempted to molest me. A few years later, he tried to do molest our youngest sister. Dad wouldn’t do anything about it. I knew better than to “gossip” about my brother’s molestation, but I didn’t allow him to continue either. Apparently the only sister he didn’t try to molest, though she has never denied it, refusing to answer the question in a forthright manner, is the only sister who will make excuses for him and cover for him, denying years of facts. I guess it gets easier to lie to one’s self as time goes by. He has never been faithful to any of his four wives, having multiple affairs during each marriage. He calls his daughters “air heads.” The psychology degree he has he abuses, toying as a psychopath would, with the minds of his wives, his mother, his daughters, sisters, brothers, and to a lesser degree, his sons. He ALWAYS has to be toying with someone’s mind. The damage he has wreaked on many lives has yet to be exposed. He thinks all his evil secrets are safe.

    In the after life, Mormons teach Males will be Kings, with multiple wives, each male King having his own Earth, a Jesus Christ, a Satan, and billions of His own spirit children who will be born to flesh & blood parents on His Earth.

    Do you really want to give credibility to a faith that is so flawed? What about the millions of women and girls? If Romney or Huntsman becomes president, every impressionable member in THE CHURCH will think, THE CHURCH MUST BE TRUE! G-d has blessed us with an LDS president. I would plead, please do not give THE CHURCH any more power or credence than its very rich insiders already have. I have shown only a small part of what goes on in THE CHURCH. There is MUCH more, but by now, I’m sure you feel as dirty as do I.
    Here are the notes I wrote from Ann’s video:
    1. 2002 – promised Log Cabin Republicans in EXCHANGE for their vocal support, Romney would not
    oppose same sex marriage. She calls it whoring out his values.
    2. Obama won’t have to justify his universal health care if the author of RomneyCare runs for prez.
    3. NOT pro-life, RomneyCare finances abortion with a $50.00 co-pay.
    4. NOT pro-traditional family.
    5. His core beliefs and values are FOR SALE, put out to the highest bidder. LACKS INTEGRITY.
    6. Supported McCain-Feingold Campaign finance reform.
    7. Supported McCain-Kennedy Illegal Amnesty Plan
    8. Pro- Man Made Global Warming
    9. Pro Cap and Trade
    10. Pro-Universal Health Care

    I have used a pseudo name here for obvious reasons, but I would be willing to raise my right hand in a court of law, use my real name and testify that every word I have uttered here is true, without the caveat, insofar as I know it to be true. I don’t need that caveat.

    1. Whoever you are, thank you so much for speaking the TRUTH. Sometimes it feels as though the circle of principled, honest, and humble servants is quite small. I would welcome a larger movement in that direction. God Bless You for your courage.

  4. Willard is his first name which is why he uses Mitt.

    Another thing he did was sign the Education Reform Act of 1993… ugh!

  5. Well, she’s pretty fired up. I guess it is fair criticism, but it needs to be tempered so as not to be a rant – that’s my first reaction. And, I don’t know who Willard is, I assume that’s his middle name, maybe? Don’t really feel like looking it up. Maybe I’m not the target audience for this one, I admit to feeling the anger, but seeing it doesn’t work for me.

    The Romneycare issue is a big one, every step of the way.

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