Trevor Speaks with Presidential Candidates in Iowa

Ted Cruz onstage with Trevor Loudon via Breitbart [screenshot]
Ted Cruz onstage with Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon was honored to speak with presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) at the Iowa Grassroots Coalition Candidate Honest Assessment Summit, which was live streamed at Breitbart News on Saturday!

The event was held at the National Cattle Congress Pavilion in Waterloo, IA, and sponsored by the Iowa Grass Roots Coalition and the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ.

During a speech before the interview, Trevor discussed what it would take for the grassroots to decide the presidential candidate like they did when they chose Ronald Reagan. Trevor also discussed Amnesty, declaring “any candidate who supports amnesty supports the demise of the United States!”

Trevor Loudon via Breitbart [screenshot]
Trevor Loudon
Trevor had the opportunity to moderate a discussion with presidential candidates, beginning with Ted Cruz, who discussed ISIS (stating simply that he would “kill ’em all” and further elaborating that he would arm the Kurds and provide “overwhelming air power” that would diffuse the jihadists), state sovereignty, the refugee crisis, birthright citizenship (he is against it and believes in doing what it would take to end it), Obama’s “illegal executive amnesty,” Obamacare and religious liberty among others.

Cruz noted that millennials are being pounded by “the great stagnation,” i.e., the economic result of Obama’s policies. Cruz believes that tax reform, regulatory reform and adhering to free market principles would help all Americans, particularly young people.

Judd Saul of the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ via Breitbart [screenshot]
Judd Saul of the Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ
Next, Trevor spoke with former Gov. Mike Huckabee, who spoke about the value of experience, his strong belief in the Fair Tax and the IRS (which Huckabee believes is a “rogue agency” that is unconstitutional), Americans’ moral and financial obligations to Veterans (here, Huckabee blasted the Veterans Administration), his dedication to the pro-life movement and his interest in helping women have options other than abortion, among other topics.

One interesting topic was Common Core (which has become a “cancer,” according to Huckabee). Huckabee said that the federal government should not have anything to do with education (echoing a statement made by Ted Cruz earlier).

Trevor questioned Huckabee’s previous support of Common Core. Huckabee said in part:

“Like Frankenstein, when a monster gets out of control it is time to kill the monster.”

As an aside, this author previously questioned Huckabee’s view on Common Core.

Mike Huckabee onstage with Trevor Loudon via Breitbart [screenshot]
Mike Huckabee onstage with Trevor Loudon
Mike Huckabee onstage with Trevor Loudon via Breitbart [screenshot]
Mike Huckabee onstage with Trevor Loudon

Trevor 1024-24
Trevor Loudon introducing former Governor Mike Huckabee

Finally, Trevor spoke with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who stressed the need for a “spiritual revival” and touted his conservative record in Louisiana. Jindal declared that we must “save the idea of America before it is too late.”

Bobby Jindal via Breitbart [screenshot]
Bobby Jindal
In a world where CNN and even Fox News asks presidential candidates ridiculous “gotcha” questions intended to boost ratings, it is refreshing that Trevor Loudon moderated a substantive discussion that focused on the Constitution, as well as real issues impacting Americans every day.

Watch some of the program here:


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